busy is better.

12 Oct

Hi everyone!  I have been the worst blogger ever lately — I guess adjusting to my job could be blamed for that (and also feeling like I have been pretty boring lately) – but I wanted to share what has been keeping me busy lately!

I am really enjoying my job so far – but it is definitely an adjustment.  I will do a more job-related post at some point, but I have an image I am trying to maintain of not being a total nerd. BAHAHA who am I kidding. Nerd city, population 1 over here.  When I haven’t been working, here’s what I’ve been up to:

Logging mileage 

I have a couple of races coming up — the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon (next weekend!) in SF, and then #RnRLA on October 26th in DTLA.  I have been running on Saturday mornings with my DTLA crew.  Last week, we participated in CicLAVia (such a cool event).  A bunch of streets became closed for cyclists around 9 AM, so we met up at 6 to get our run in before the cyclists and before the sun was out in full-force.  We logged 14 miles to East LA and back.  On the way back, I hung with our group’s fastest guy (Alvaro) for a few miles, and realized we were clipping along at 6:45 pace for a few mile.  Scary.


Yesterday, I got in 11 miles through DTLA and along the LA river.  Really a great way to start the weekend.  Andres and I pushed it the last few miles (errrrr he pushed it and I followed because I can’t say no)


This has been my motto lately (I am normally in a good mood but this last week was pretty roller coaster-y for me, which is weird because I am pretty even-keel normally).


Girl time

I know, you’re thinking WHAT?!  One of my good friends, Alexis, lives in my building and last Sunday she concocted her specialty vegan smoothies for us — it was a great way to catch up and wind-down before the week.  I call Alexis my “personal cheerleader” because she is one of the most upbeat and supportive people I know — and she is a mini-me in that she is a total law school gunner (she is a 2L) and is a workout fiend. So talking about work and school over protein smoothies pretty much sums us up!


#lawlife events

I’ve gotten to attend a few great events since joining my firm about a month ago — I got to go an installation and awards dinner for the Black Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, a dinner put on by the Association of Business Trial Lawyers about a fascinating case called Chevron v. Donziger (seriously google it), and this week I attended an event for the Association of Corporate Counsel about using appellate counsel to prevail at trial hosted by my firm at the Beverly Hills Montage. (It looks swanky — and it was — but I promise my life is not that glamorous.  I came home at 9 and worked for two hours).


Body pump because obviously

I have kept the 6 AM BP obsession alive and well — I took the new release, Body Pump 91, for the first time this morning at my gym.  I liked some of the songs (especially this one) but I didn’t think the release as a whole was as challenging as some others.  Any BP fans out there agree?


DTLA lovin’

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here obsessing over how gorgeous DTLA (and this building) is.  Last night I grabbed a drink with my high school friend Heather at the Ace Hotel’s rooftop and swooned over this view.



What’s keeping you busy?

Body pump people – what do you think of 91?

Fav workout song right now?

Lexus Lace-Up Running Series

4 Oct

Hi everyone!  I wanted to share with you some exciting news happening over here.  Last week, I was given the opportunity to be an ambassador for the Lexus Lace-Up Running Series.  This is a new series of high-end races this November and December all throughout Southern California and I’m excited to spread the word about it!

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 4.54.07 PM

Each location has a 5k, 10k, and a half-marathon and race entry includes a tech tee, medal, chip timing, and a post-race beer AND brunch.

I’m not 100% sure which race I’ll be doing just yet, but if you want to register, use my discount code for 10% off:  RunLaceUp11

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 9.38.51 PM

The four locations are pretty cool too – Ventura, Palos Verdes, Irvine, and Riverside! unnamed

I’m also pretty impressed by the real-time results and seamless social media integration (including a mobile app).  Lexus clearly knows how to garner favor with runner nerds (or just me).

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 9.34.27 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 11.05.36 AM

One other thing I love about this race series — and one reason I felt like I wanted to help spread the word about it — is the fact that each race has a charity partner, and for two of the races, the charity is Back on My Feet! (Code BOMF will donate 10% of the race entry to BOMF for either the Palos Verdes or Irvine races)

I’ll post more details as they come – but I wanted to get the word out ASAP!   Stay fast :)

foothill 5k challenge [race recap].

21 Sep

I’m a week behind in getting out my race recap from the Foothill 5k Challenge benefitting Back on My Feet, but I guess better late than never, right?

This was a unique event because trail races are normally longggg distances (read: 50k), so this was a fun way to get a trail run experience without being out in the sun all day.  The race started and finished at the Glendale Sports Complex, but we ran up in the foothills through some rolling hills, switchbacks, and one pretty gnarly grade.

The race kicked off around 8:20 or so.  I was a moron and went out the night before, and slept for about 2 hours before it was time to head out to the course, so my goals were anything but lofty (finishing sounded good).  I wasn’t hung over (because, tank) just wrecked.


At the start with my fellow BoMF Homeboy Industries volunteers – Phil and Brian. Phil won the thing.

At the start, we met this trail runner who had a SICK tattoo of the original Nike shoe (the Nike Cortez) engulfed in roses.  I don’t have any tats but have always sort of wanted one.  This has gotten the wheels turning…


At the start…

The race was a lot of fun and definitely made me want to get on trails more often — but I need to buy trail running shoes because I found myself having to brake SO much in order not to completely lose it on the downhill portions.

Here’s the view from the top:


I traded places with one guy the last mile or so — I’d pass him going up and he’d get me coming down.  He was so chatty afterwards and thanked me for pushing him (I returned the thanks obviously — I would have slowed down a lot without him on my tail).

I finished in about 25:50 which I was happy with it considering the difficult course and extreme heat. It felt a lot SLOWER than sub 9-minute pace so I’ll take it.

I was 17th place overall I believe and was the second woman, so I scored a Run With Us gift card and a free month to Yogaworks! I need to make those things happen.


There was a strong showing from #DTLARunning, as well as my eyelids. My buddy Andres crushed it, clearly an indication of the PRs he is about to smash this fall racing season…

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.31.35 PMIt was a great event and I loved being out there supporting an organization that is so close to my heart.

Tell me:

Have you done a trail race? Where? Distance? Tips for trail running newbies?

Is there an organization you support? Tell me about it! 



fun thing a day (or how i spent a month doing nothing).

16 Sep

So . . . some of you may know that I had 5 weeks off between the bar exam and starting work.  I had a nice trip to Turks & Caicos, and then I spent about 4 weeks “on vacation” in Los Angeles.  It was relaxing and fun — and I vowed to do one fun thing a day, every day (which can be surprisingly hard when most of my friends were, you know, at work).  I wanted to share some of the fun things I did here…

  • Ventured to the The Last Bookstore (this photo is taken in the $1 room – every single book is $1. Insane).


  • Blue Bottle opened in LA!! I definitely went a few times…


  • My parents have a friend who works at Capitol Records, and he invited all of us to a preview party of Mary Lambert’s new CD at No Vacancy in Hollywood.  She was amazing and funny and very quotable — and also super talented.


  • One afternoon, I headed out to Santa Monica to read. I dusted off this book pretty quickly.
  • I hit up a summer institution in East Hollywood — Friday night wine tasting at Barnsdall Art Park with my friend Eric
  • Dinner at Industriel + post-dinner beer at Casey‘s w/ my HS friends AK, Andrea, Bryan, and Eric.


  • Kayaking in MDR with my law school friend Colleen


  • Dinner for my friend Aviva’s birthday at Della Terra
  • I went on an amazing run with my high school cross country team on the fifth anniversary of the death of one of my classmates and former track teammates, Brian Wolverton, who was killed while serving our country in Afghanistan. It was a nice way to honor him and made me proud to be a graduate of OPHS.


  • I hit up a DTLABA Mixer with some of my fav Loyola 2Ls.



  • Bike Ride to Venice Pier w/ Whitney
  • Rosenthal Winery w/ Whitney


  • Mini “staycation” in Hermosa Beach with my family which included watching my brother host open mic night at Saint Rocke.



  • The morning before we left, my mom and I rode bikes over to the Redondo Beach pier.


  • Drinks w/ Aviva at Pour Vous
  • Malibu Wines with Whitney, Riley, Molly, and Ellen


  • A 7-mile hike through Malibu Creek State Park with my mom


  • …and a visit to the Reagan library to check out their baseball museum. #GoDodgers


  • On Labor Day, I kicked it with Whitney on the beach in Santa Monica and then high-tailed it over to the Shangri-La rooftop for a little beer + view action.


  • I spent my last weekend of “freedom” in San Francisco!  Whitney and I drove up Thursday afternoon and spent the night with my Aunt and Uncle in Oakland.
  • On Friday, we headed into the city — Whitney went to work and my Uncle and I went to Mo‘s for breakfast..  My uncle went to work so I hit up Blue Bottle and then went for an amazing (and hilly) run and post-run lunch with Kristina who is a 1L at Hastings!


That night, Whitney and I had dinner at Mamacita on Chestnut and she indulged me by going to one of my favorite bars, ever. Bw0v0SiIgAAg-gk

  • On Saturday, we headed back to the East Bay for some standard Cal game pre-gaming with my Uncle Casey at Henry’s before watching Cal destroy Sac State v. Cal





  • On Sunday, we woke up and drove home — and I got ready to start my job! (more on that to come!)

What’s the most fun thing you did this summer? 

why i’m a paleo bandwagoner.

8 Sep

If you follow me on any other form of social media, you’ve probably seen me throw around the hashtag #paleo in somewhat of a haphazard fashion, and I realized I never shared on my blog what that whole thing is all about.  So here we go…

Up until recently, I went by the “I am a runner and I work out a lot, I can eat whatever I want, it’s fine” rule of thumb.  Sure, that worked out well — I maintained my weight and was a marathon runner.  While this is true, I wasn’t really “toned” and I think that could be largely attributed to the fact I was not fueling my body with healthy, nutritious foods but instead I was loading up on carbs and lots of things that are, in hindsight, healthy junk food (read: oatmeal and ALL THE PEANUT BUTTER).

This is a photo of me on July 4, 2013.  I had run a full marathon one month before, and so I was essentially in the middle of a running hiatus and not really giving a thought to how I was eating or the amount of beer I was drinking at law firm events or anywhere else for that matter.  I had the exercise portion of being an athlete down but my diet was probably not doing ANYTHING to aid my efforts.  I know I look “fine” here except for the fact that my bikini top is completely ill-fitting and I was wearing a ratty old shirt I had literally owned for 7 years, but the point is I was essentially sabotaging what I was doing at the gym.  “You can’t out-exercise a bad diet” proved to be true for me.


I have never been comfortable “dieting” — it is just not me.  I refuse to count calories or restrict myself, and have always been a proponent of “everything in moderation.”


(5k time: 23:34)

Last April, a few of my friends from the gym and I decided to create a “paleo challenge” amongst ourselves for a few months.  For two months, I eliminated carbs (no bread, baked goods, french fries, oatmeal, pasta) as well as sweets, soda, and other junk. After the first week, I was fully adjusted — and you know what? I LOVED IT.  I loved how I felt, and I also loved that I could still eat A LOT with relatively little thought, and yet I was eating more nutritious food.

I didn’t weigh myself, but I noticed that I was more toned or lean, if that makes sense.  Here’s a photo of me from July 4, 2014.



(5k time: 20:41)

When our challenge formally ended, I kept it up all the way through the bar.  I took the month after the bar relatively easy on myself and cheated here and there.  After Labor Day, my gym fam kicked off cleaner eating.  I am again going paleo, and this time adding the additional challenge of cutting out dairy (I relied heavily on greek yogurt and cheese, so I am challenging myself to also give those up for three months this time).

Obviously I am not an R.D., but I wanted to share what worked for me and that I’m not #paleo just because it’s trendy or bougie or expensive.  It is easy for me to work into my life, and it has made me a better athlete.

Here are some of my tips:

There’s a lot of websites/literature out there that talk about how important it is to get certain types of organic meat and how you should cut out dairy, but I don’t really follow that – I just cut out all carbs (except for fruits and vegetables) and sugar.

What I do:

The HARDEST thing for me was to give up carbs in the morning.  I SWORE by oatmeal + peanut butter + protein powder in the morning and thought I “needed it” so I was so hesitant to give it up, but now I literally wake up every morning CRAVING eggs.

Here are my staples:



3 eggs cooked in coconut oil + breakfast sausage or bacon over kale/mixed greens
Paleo Egg Muffins (like mini quiches w/o the crust, you can make these on Sunday for the whole week).
Oatmeal Minus the Oats” w/ Almond Butter for days when you just want something sweet.  Sounds weird but is DELICIOUS (can also substitute canned pumpkin for the banana, which I may even like better)
Chia Seed Pudding (also delicious)



- Celery/Carrots/Peppers cut up
- Fruit
- Hard-boiled eggs
- NUTS!!! (Almonds, Cashews, Pecans…whatever. ).
- I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Quest Bars (not 100% paleo, but VERY low-carb).  Great for pre- or post-gym. Stick them in the microwave for 10 seconds and your life will be forever changed.



I am the worst cook ever (seriously besides being athletic/smart/funny my husband needs to know how to cook because I SUCK) so I normally make a bunch of chicken, ground turkey, ground beef, or steak or something and eat it for a few meals along with vegetables, also makes it easy to take to work/school.  Some of my old-faithful meals:
- Chicken + Veggie Stir Fry + Soy Sauce (pretty self-explanatory)
- Chicken Lettuce Wraps
- Chicken or Steak Fajitas Minus the Tortilla
- Any type of salad
- Cauliflower Pizza (surprisingly good)


Eating Out

- It makes it so much easier to just decline the bread/tortilla chips (you won’t miss ‘em)
- Chipotle is HUGE for me because it feels like a treat — just order a salad and don’t skimp on the guac!




29 Aug

Earlier this week I spent two nights in Hermosa Beach with my family for a little “staycation” action.  My brother recently started working at a music venue in Hermosa (Saint Rocke) as a Digital Marketing Assistant, and he also hosts their Open Mic Nights on Tuesdays.  My parents wanted to see him in action, but making the trek home to the Conejo Valley didn’t sound too appealing to them, so my mom booked an awesome beach house via VRBO for all of us for two nights.

Our #clowclanstaycation began on Monday.  While my brother was at work, my parents and I had an early dinner at the Hook & Plow on Pier Ave.


I enjoyed this Atticus IPA from the local Strand Brewing Co. (Torrance, CA).  For my dinner, I had a delicious salad made with arugula, buratta cheese, a peach, and organic chicken. Yum!

After dinner, we headed to Saint Rocke’s trivia night.  My brother was too cool to play on our team, so my parents and I tried to be contenders.  We named our team Santos L. Halper (because #EverySimpsonsEver).  We started out pretty well and then TANKED.  There was an entire round on movies about magic where we got zero right.  I’m not the biggest movie fan (they’re SUCH a commitment and most movies suck) so I’m okay that we didn’t get those right.


Proud of my Dad for getting a bonus question right (you have to not only know the answer but be the fastest team to tell the guy the right answer). The question was: “What is the name of the song that begins ‘Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.'” Answer: “The Christmas Song.”  My Dad knew it right away (I knew it, but it would have taken me a second).  Glad I was raised on Mel Torme!

A question I am embarrassed I didn’t know: What is the most popular wine varietal in Australia and what is the same grape called in France? Answer: Shiraz/Syrah.  #notawineo.

The next day, my parents and I spent a lot of time walking around Hermosa — we walked to the Manhattan Beach pier and just spent some time enjoying the strand and the pier. We also had a delicious and inexpensive lunch at The Standing Room. Loved my $7 kale + candied bacon salad!




That night, we spent a couple of hours enjoying Saint Rocke’s surprisingly delicious $1 tacos and $5 margaritas, and watching my brother channel his inner Carson Daly during Open Mic Night. There were some good acts! 10603558_10103422063324473_4671654060378486421_nOn Wednesday morning, my mom and I took a couple of bikes (included in our vacation rental!) out for a bit.  We rode just a few miles to the Redondo Beach pier and back, but I was glad to add another thing to my “do something fun every day before I start work” list.


Where is your favorite place to #staycation?

Do you have any vacation traditions? 


booze + sweat (aka what i did when i wasn’t studying).

13 Aug

I know you’re all sick of hearing about the bar — I’m sick of talking about it — but I WAS able to squeeze in (very small) pockets of fun throughout the summer.

The weekend after the test, I met up with my parents for a mini Conejo Valley IPA crawl of sorts.  Our first stop was The Lab Brewing Co.  I enjoyed their house DIPA and we all shared some candied bacon.


We headed to dinner at my very favorite place just down the street — Ladyface Alehouse & Brasserie — for brews, chow, and to watch the sunset (my mom is also a sucker for a good one).

They didn’t have my fav beer of all time on tap (Cheseboro IPA) so I opted for my second favorite, the aptly titled Ladyface IPA. I also tried a sampler of a new IPA they offered – the Cataclysm IPA.  This one wasn’t my style, it wasn’t hoppy at all.



Ladyface IPA with Ladyface Mountain in the background.

Notice how the mountain looks like a woman’s profile? Imagine the woman is lying on her back…

And then my dad caught me in the act…


Also that weekend, I celebrated with my BFF Whitney at a bar down the street from her apartment called The Chestnut Club.  Would definitely recommend.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 10.41.54 AM

When I haven’t been boozing, I was doing what I normally do (working out, obviously).  On July 20th, I ran the Griffith Park Trail Marathon Relay with a team formed last-minute with some social media friends. When Tiffany reached out to me via twitter, there was no way I could say no, and I’m so glad I didn’t!  We had a blast each running 5.25 miles through the super-hilly Griffith Park trails, and soaking up the morning.  I would definitely do this race again.


On the team:


Race bling in the form of a STICK!!!!


so worried I was gonna drop my phone…

It was a great morning.  I love doing relays because I love being surrounded by “my people” — meaning people who “get it.”  These guys understand the compulsion to wake up super early on a Sunday to go run 5+ miles through hilly terrain with people you barely know.  I am also so grateful for the power of social media connections for making this team come together!

The week before the bar, I heard about an event taking place at my favorite building on the planet – the Ritz Carlton/J.W. Marriott in DTLA. I dropped everything and RAN when Whitney wrote about a free yoga/mini-spa treatments event taking place at the Ritz spa. I got a hand massage and headed up to the rooftop for a short and very relaxing yoga session.



That about rounds out the fun things I did during the bar (I told you, it wasn’t a ton).  I start my job in a few weeks and until then have a lot of downtime, so I’m trying to enjoy the relaxed schedule and do some fun LA-only events. Please drop a comment if you have suggestions on fun things I should do!


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