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a weekend in nyc.

26 Sep

Last weekend, I flew to NYC to spend a long weekend.  I spent Thursday morning through Sunday exploring Manhattan and Brooklyn with three of my best friends from my sorority, and I also got to visit my aunt!

It all started late Wednesday night when I took the red eye from LAX to JFK. Red eyes are scary-sounding, but I actually totally recommend flying that way. I slept almost the entire way, and felt energized when I landed! (I couldn’t have done it without my neck pillow, eye mask, and ear plugs though, let’s be real).

My aunt Cheri picked me up at JFK – we got a little bit lost en route to her apartment, but a little while later we made it to Brooklyn. Our first order of business (no joke) was to watch the previous night’s episode of Real World/Road Rules: The Challenge (Rivals 2).  My aunt and I have shared this obsession for years, so before we got the day started I routed for my favs, Emily and Paula and Jordan and Marlon. Once we were all ready, my aunt Cheri, her wife Janet, and I headed out to explore their borough.

I consulted the Brooklyn guide of one of my favorite blogs, C’est Christine, and found a couple of places I wanted to check off the list. First on the list was the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. I loved strolling the walkway and getting glimpses of Manhattan:



Next, we cruised by One Girl Cookies in Cobble Hill (also a rec from C’est Christine). The place was so cute and hit the spot big time. My aunt said she loved “small foods” and “sugar” so she was game to try them out. I loved how the cookie shop had girls’ names for each cookie. I can’t remember which one was my favorite – they were all delicious.

IMG_4611Before I took the subway across the river to meet my friends in the East Village/Lower East side part of town, my aunt, Janet, and I did a couple of margaritas at a local taco place they like.  I sent my mom a photo (I still maintain that my eyes were red-eyes and not drunk-eyes) because she loved the margaritas on her last visit.  It was the perfect Brooklyn send-off!


Janet and me. Ignore the haggardness, I was still in my red-eye clothes.

On the way to the subway, my aunt pointed of the Barclay Center where the VMAs were held earlier this year. You know, #WeCan’tStop? My inner (outer?) MTV nerd was stoked.

I took the subway into the East Village and met my friends at the rental we had secured through Air BnB.  I have used VRBO before but this was my first venture into Air BnB. Our place had a good location, but it definitely just felt like two guys decided to vacate their apartment for the weekend.  There were no guest amenities and their fridge was stocked…with their stuff.  The place was perfectly fine, it just wasn’t nice.

I was meeting my friends Michelle, Kathleen, and Kate — three of my closest friends from my sorority daze. They all live in SF, and while we see each other when we can, it is still not enough!

The first order of business was dinner in the West Village with their friend, Michael, at a place called Tortilla Flats. The guacamole and margaritas were incredible, and Michael was funny, friendly, and super generous!

IMG_4619We also hit up a couple of other local bars — Upright Brew House (loved) and a super swanky place aptly titled “Employees Only.” (I have already instructed my friend Ryan, lover of all things bougie, to go there on his next NYC trip).

michelle, kate, a very washed out me, and kathleen ready to get our beer drinking on.

michelle, kate, a very washed out me, and kathleen ready to get our beer drinking on.

On Friday morning, Michelle and I had a very important #SoulDate at the Union Square Soul Cycle. We loved our class with Anthony F., and I may have incorporated his closing track (Kaskade – Atmosphere) into my latest spin playlist. It was a great way to the start the day, and not TOO touristy.

IMG_4630Later, Michelle and I stumbled upon a fabulous brunch spot — Friend of a Farmer — for some post-spin fuel. We then met up with Kathleen and had a couple of drinks in Bryant Park. The weather was GORGEOUS.


day drinking in Bryant Park. Doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.

Kate had to work (the plight of the Googler), but we met up with her that night for a trip to Yankee Stadium to watch the Yanks crush the SF Giants. Our seats were out in the boonies, but we saw A-Rod beat Lou Gherig’s grand slam record, scored a Nathan’s hot dog, and soaked up the fun Yankees Stadium atmosphere. That place is incredible.


#1 Reason Yankee Stadium > Wrigley Field. They let you put ketchup on your stinkin’ hot dogs!


I have officially checked off 10 MLB parks  off my bucket list. (if you count both old and new Yankee stadiums as separate…I do). I have been to all 5 in CA, Safeco Field (Mariners), Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, and both the old and new Yankee stadiums. I am not sure what #11 will be. Any suggestions? 

love these girls!

love these girls!

On the subway ride out of the Bronx, I got into it with a Giants fan who overheard me talking about the Dodgers. I was recounting a meme I had seen where Brian Wilson (now a Dodger) was accidentally rooting for the Giants, and was laughing about his confusion.


This woman got all offended that I wasn’t respecting Wilson and that I should be happy to have him. I insisted I was, and also explained that her little organization didn’t want him anymore. Giants fans…god.

Saturday morning started for me and my fellow fittie, Michelle, with a low-key 4-miler along the East River. It was a little humid but a fabulous way to start the morning. Thanks for being my running bud, Michelle!

IMG_4649IMG_4644We hustled to get ready for brunch in Chelsea at Crema Restaurante. We met up with Amy, who was in town from Beijing (!), as well as Kiira, Trisha, and Kelly, friends from our sorority who live in NYC. It was great catching up with them over mimosas and delicious Mexican-inspired, family style brunch fare.


Amy, me, Kate, and Kathleen brunching it up.

IMG_4650I was obsessed with the french toast dish, but all of it was delicious!

After brunch, Kate and I headed out for a few hours. We explored Chelsea Market, walked the High Line, and stopped for a beer at the beer garden at The Standard. Such a fun afternoon!


view from the High Line.


it was super windy.

beer garden time with Kate :)

beer garden time with Kate 🙂

Later that night, I went out with Kathleen to a super legit beer garden in Brooklyn. We ordered kas spaetlze and it brought me right back to Vienna. And it was delicious. We got hit with a little bit of rain on Saturday, but it was all cleared up by Sunday.

My last day in NYC started with a delicious NY bagel, coffee, and a stroll through Central Park with Kathleen.



We stumbled upon a cute little Farmers Market in the Upper West — the $2 piece of pizza I had was perfect.  We mozied back to our AirBnB place, finished packing, and I grabbed a shuttle with Michelle back to JFK for our respective flights. The shuttle took FOREVER and was sort of uncomfortably hot and quiet — are all Super Shuttle experiences like that? This was my first.

I made it to my gate with only 15 minutes or so to spare.  I enjoyed the 5.5 hour flight back to LAX — I listened to some music and finally got back in the law school grind.


always gunning.

My friend Aviva was super generous and picked me up (who needs Super Shuttle when you have nice friends?). And with that, my whirlwind of a weekend came to a close!

I had a fabulous weekend in NYC with some awesome people, but I was so excited to wake up in my own bed on Monday morning and to go on a run through DTLA 🙂

What is your favorite thing about NYC? 

tripping [chicago].

3 Aug

After the wedding on Sunday, my parents and I had until Thursday to sight-see and take in the city.  First on the agenda was a guided boat cruise of Chicago architecture with everyone who was still in town for the wedding – including the bride and groom!


It was a great tour – Chicago’s architecture is truly the most captivating of any city I’ve been to, at least in the U.S.  We snapped photos and learned about modernism’s “austerity” vs. post-modernism’s “contextualism.”  Cue a new obsession forming for me…I looooove me some post-modernism.


one day married!

After the cruise, a bunch of us went to lunch along the river.  I had a Revolution Anti-Hero IPA.  No, waiter, I will not shy away when you warn me that it’s “pretty hoppy.”  It was excellent.

That evening, my family, Ryan’s family, and Justin’s family headed out to Wrigleyville to watch the lackluster Cubs take on the equally uninspiring Brewers. It was awesome catching  a game in Wrigley – although I do prefer Dodger stadium’s feel.  I had an Old Style and a hot dog, which apparently you’re not supposed to eat with ketchup.  I guess I learned that one the hard way.




Instead of staying at the Hyatt again, my parents rented a brownstone in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood using VRBO.  It was cool to check out a different (adorable) neighborhood and to see the city from a different angle.

On Tuesday, I slept in and may have used the morning to catch up on The Bachelorette, after I had heard the internet exploded.  I have HATEEEED this season.  Des is the least interesting Bachelorette, ever, but reading Reality Steve’s spoilers have kept in mildly interesting.  Once my pop-culture prowess was restored, we set off for more Chicago tourist jaunts.  First up on the list was another deep-dish place, Uno.  Delicioussss. IMG_4289I took my parents by “the bean” and Jay Pritzker Pavilion, my new favorite Frank Gehry piece.  If you haven’t gathered by now, I am FG obsesssssed.  He designed my law school, the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Bilbao’s Guggenheim, and a building in Prague I loved (the Fred and Ginger House).  He’s super funky and whimsical, and now when I go to a new city I Google “Frank Gehry” there to make sure I stop by and see whatever it is he’s designed. [Note: I get quite a bit of flack for this, a lot of people think Gehry is “weird.” Nope, I love him].  I am bummed I didn’t make it to an outdoor concert here.  I guess there’s always next time!

IMG_4240Also on Tuesday, we headed to Chicago’s Art Institute.  They had a lot of great pieces, but I was especially drawn to the Van Goghs and Monets.


Monet – Wheat stacks


Monet – Water lilies


Van Gogh – The Drinkers

It was also really great seeing American Gothic and A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte in person as well.

That evening, my parents and I had a couple of drinks on the 96th floor of the John Hancock building.  Although it’s not quite as high as the observation deck on the Willis (formerly known as Sears) Tower, I’d heard the views were far superior.  The views of the city from the Signature Lounge at the John Hancock could truly not be beat. Tip: If you go, make SURE you check out the restrooms.  Some of the best views are in there!

IMG_4309We also hopped around Navy Pier and walked around the city a lot.


On Wednesday, I went on a run to Lincoln Park and then did a little exploring back over by the bean.  One of my law school friends, Greg, gave me a whole list of recommendations (more on that later) so I was determined to check a few of his suggestions off my list.  Later, I met back up with my parents for some more eating + drinks by the river.  My parents ordered a bottle of wine and ended up giving the rest of it to the people at the table next to us, who had *just* finished taking the Illinois bar.  I explained that that will be me in a year and one responded “Oh god, California is THREE DAYS.”  Yupppp.

On Thursday, we left the Brownstone, headed out to one last foodie pit-stop in the West Loop, and made our way to Midway.

It was a fantastic trip, and we tasted some delicious food.  Here’s a quick break-down of my fav eats:

IMG_43421. Revolution Anti-Hero IPA (Chicago, Illinois).  Nice and hoppy. Read: Loooooove.

2. Uno’s Pizza. I later learned this is my friend AK’s favorite pizza place in Chicago.  I asked a few locals what their favorite pizza joint was, and this was always at the top of the list.  It did not disappoint.

3. Raspberry Guacamole at Rick Bayless’ Frontera Grill.  This was one of my very favorite things.  It was essentially guac with added raspberries.  It sounded weird at first (my dad was a little shifty-eyed when I suggested it) but the flavors blended together perfectly.  I need to recreate this.  We also tried an out-of-this-world mole tamale and the ceviche was perfect.

4. Intelligentsia Coffee.  This was high up on Greg’s list of recommendations.  Intelligentsia is all over LA, but I had no idea it  originated in Chicago.  In my mind, it’s LA’s answer to SF’s Blue Bottle or Portland’s Stumptown Coffee roasters.  I got a “Summer Solstice” blend to take with me to Millennium Park.  Along with my coffee, I took another of Greg’s suggestions and hit up Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread & Wine Bar for a sandwich.  I asked the guy behind the counter what their signature sandwich is and promptly ordered the “Blue Pig ‘n’ Fig” which consisted of serrano ham, figs, arugula, and blue cheese. So good.

5. Churros con chocolate at Rick Bayless’ Xoco.  Next door to Frontera Grill is a smaller Rick Bayless place called Xoco – so obviously we had to go back for dessert.  My churros con chocolate were pretty delicious – but so were my mom’s dulce de leche enchilada and my dad’s ice cream. Nom.

6.  Lou Malnati’s Pizza.  We went back here a second time after the rehearsal dinner and ordered the “chicago classic” which had sausage, was super cheesy, and had a delicious sauce.  I’m not really sure which I liked better – Lou Malnati’s or Uno’s, but I think this dish might have won.

7. Little Goat Bread.  The last place I checked off Greg’s list was Little Goat Bread.  He’d reminded me Stephanie Izard, a past winner of Top Chef, has a James Bead-winning restaurant, The Girl and the Goat, in Chicago.  She also has a small diner (Little Goat Diner) and an even smaller sandwich place called Little Goat Bread.   I had an insanely delectable turkey sandwich, and then went back and grabbed a lemon and chocolate scone and a triple chocolate cookie for my parents.  All were amazing.  We ranked that meal the highlight of the trip.

I was sad to end such a great vacation – but enjoyed my travel classic of ginger ale on the airplane, and powered my way through a new book, aptly about Chicago. (I’m reading The Devil in the White City.)


Alright…let me hear your favorite Chicago places!

red, white, and brews.

7 Jul

I hope everyone had an epic 4th of July! I went down to Huntington Beach for the day for some patriotic festivities.  I actually got down to HB late Wednesday, crashed at my friend Riley’s, and then got up early on the 4th to run the local Surf City 5K with my best friend Whitney, Riley, and our friend Travis.

IMG_4113The race was pretty relaxed.  I did the same race 4 years ago in 23:11.  My knee had been really bugging me earlier in the week, so I just wanted to run relaxed and have fun.  I didn’t bring my watch and ran it by feel.


before Travis passed me victoriously!


Travis and I ended up finishing together – just one second apart! I clocked in at 23:34 and felt good.  Not like I raced it really, more like a comfortably hard tempo run. I love the course (down Main, right on PCH and back). It’s a fun tradition to run a race every year. Check out last year’s recap of the Will Rogers 10k, and 2011’s 10k in Ventura.


had to sport my new 4th of July compression socks.

After the race, we headed back to Riley’s apartment where we ate like patriotic kings, and began to celebrate.


As people trickled in, we did the typical annoying American thing of playing drinking games.  You know, general USA tomfoolery.



We also trekked a couple of blocks down to the beach. A few took naps, and the rest of us spent some time in the ocean. The water was so nice and it was truly great to be in the water. 600481_10100099445682209_1188898633_n


We headed back, ordered pizza, hung out, and enjoyed the holiday.

I headed back to DTLA around 8:30. It was a shame to miss HB’s awesome fireworks show, but I had work Friday and wanted to beat traffic. #SoCalProblems.  I managed to see about 10 different fireworks shows though, so that was great.

What’s your favorite 4th tradition?

Mine is running a race of some kind, and you know, booze. 

dodger baseball is on the air.

30 Jun

If you’ve been following me on social media, you know that I’ve been going to a bunch of Dodger games lately.  Although I’ve been a fan for ages, now that I live so close to the stadium I am that much more incentivized to go to as many games as possible.  Although the Dodgers are still last in the NL West, right now we’re only 5 games back (and only one game behind the Giants). The team is still somewhat of a mess, but they have a renewed energy thanks to Puig.

I was at the game on Monday against the Giants – where we saw a Puig HR and a victory.  This was game 3 in what ended up being a 6-game win streak for the Dodgers.



I also attended the game on Friday which happened to be the Dodgers worst loss at home since 1947…when the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn. The Dodgers lost 16-1…and the six-game winning streak came to an end.


I wasn’t at last night’s game, but it was pretty comical to watch Puig KICK a ball from the outfield into the stands…accidentally. And then watch his frustration when it was deemed a ground-rule double.

Favorite MLB teams? Traditions for going to games? Let me hear ’em!

‘stache dash 5k. [race recap]

18 Nov

This morning featured my first 5k in almost a year…but also my first of two 5ks this week (Turkey Trot, duh)!

A couple of weeks ago, my roommate Jenn realized she needed to do a 5k this week as part of her training plan for her very first half-marathon. I eagerly agreed to run one too. Jenn found the ‘Stache Dash taking place this morning in Costa Mesa. I like the fact it supported prostate cancer, and No-shave November/Movember is all the rage right now. And we all know how I feel about trends…

The race fee was a little on the heftier side – $40 or so – but the funds went to a good cause. We also got a decent swag bag, super comfy shirt, and a medal with our entry. The post-race expo had sliders which I opted out of. I didn’t think anyone would crave a hamburger after racing 3.1 miles, but the line was no joke. Oh, America.

We got to the check-in about 8 for an 8:30 start, picked up our bibs and shirts and our $3.00 glitter moustaches (mine fell off before the start…sad) and headed to the line.

The course was pretty nice – it started near Estancia High School in Costa Mesa and wound through a nearby park. I am SO out of 5k shape I had no idea what to expect. So of course, that meant a 6:43 first mile (granted it was mostly downhill). Second mile was relatively flat, but I realized I am not in sub-21 5k territory, so I clocked a 7:37. I also jammed out to the Lady Gaga/Zedd collab “Stache” (Princess High Stache Remix). I appreciated the ironic reference/play on words. I did not appreciate, however, the girl in the Spider-Man costume passing me, or my inability to get a grip on my breathing. The Starbucks spinach and egg-white wrap I had for breakfast was also a bad call – apparently I forgot the adage “NEVER do anything new on race day.” Obviously should have had oatmeal.

Mile 3 was mostly uphill so my time reflected that – 8:15. Ouch. We were re-tracing our steps, so I was paying for that sweet downhill on the way back. I sort of gave up mentally in the third mile, but I managed to pass a couple of dudes in the final 0.1.

Final time? 23:07. 2nd in my age group, and 4th woman overall. I found it more than mildly ironic that the woman who edged me off the podium is from Corona del Mar. Hah. [They were our #1 rivals in HS Cross Country. My senior year, they were the #1 fastest team in the state. We were the 2nd.]

Jenn had a great race! This was her first 5k ever, and she clocked in a time of 28:53! So proud. Her goal was to break 30 and do it without stopping. #crushedit. Her boyfriend, Daniel, also ran his first 5k today, finishing in about 36 minutes.

jenn and me post-race.

daniel’s friend matt (total beast in 21 something), daniel, jenn, and me. excuse the sorority pose. clearly i am missing more than a few brain cells.

Top 10 things this race made me realize:

10. I am not in 5k shape. Or anywhere close to it.

9. I am still physically capable of breaking 8 minutes for a mile. I am also still physically capable of breaking 7 minutes/mile.

8. I am still completely aware of the fact that I go out too fast, and that I know I will do it before a race. Not only that, I vocalize the high probability that I will go out too fast, vow to be slower than 7:30 and still can’t keep it together.

7. I’m not bitter I was the 4th woman overall. They gave the top finishers Sprinkles Cupcakes. Cupcakes are dumb. Runners want medals, not overly decadent desserts.

6. The worst people at races are ALWAYS the people announcing awards who think they are the next Rick Dees. Nope, sir, you are not.

5. I love the running culture and seeing people set goals, destroy their goal times, and revel in their accomplishment.

4. It’s possible to still do okay even after getting a terrible night sleep due to the “DJ”-hosted party our upstairs neighbors threw last night. (DJ is in quotes because I am not sure any self-respecting DJ would indulge the hosts in multiple Ke$ha tracks. Well at least not any DJs I know).

3.  My Garmin still remains the greatest running investment, ever.

2. I need to get my head back in the running game, and you know, run smart. And train.

1. This was a fun event – and even small, last minute, non-nerve-wracking races are still fun and should feel like an accomplishment.
Did anyone else race this weekend? 

Has ANYONE solved the “going out too fast” problem??

off track.

9 Nov

Hi blog world. I have gotten off track with two things that are important hobbies of mine: running and blogging…but that’s not to say I haven’t been busy doing a zillion things – both fun and academic. I figure, if I get caught up on my blogging, maybe my work out mo jo will come back too.

In terms of school, we are rolling right along approaching finals territory. Yesterday, my friend Aviva and I had a graded interviewing and counseling session with a fake client for our Ethical Lawyering class. It was a weird experience – conducting a client interview with an actor – but probably helpful in the long run. I’ve also been working diligently on a note about a case, Fraley v. Facebook, as part of being a member of Loyola’s Entertainment Law Review. I’ve been able to incorporate references to Antoine Dodson and Kim Kardashian in my article, though, so that has been pretty entertaining in it’s own right. My other classes (Constitutional Law, Law of Sales, and Torts II) have been fine – some days are more interesting than others, that’s for sure.

One cool thing about law school is the wide array of guest speakers that come through. In the last two weeks, I have been able to attend three really impressive lectures. The first one was a presentation called “Hamlet for Attorneys” given by Loyola alum Judge Gregory Alarcón. Alarcón is obsessed with Shakespeare and realized that Hamlet in particular has a lot of lessons that can be applied to being a successful trial lawyer. I really enjoyed the presentation and decided to try and read Hamlet again. A few days later I was able to hear Frank Gehry, the architect who designed Loyola (and also my favorite architect of all time). He was charming and funny, and just from hearing him speak for 45 minutes definitely revealed his status as an innovator. Finally, last night I got to hear one of the DAs on the OJ Simpson case, William Hodgman, discuss the process of jury selection, and to some extent, what went wrong for the prosecution in that case. I remember being really young when all the OJ stuff was happening, but this definitely made we want to go back and read more about it.

When I haven’t been nerding out, I have been gallivanting around LA a fair amount. Last Friday, I was able to see Book of Mormon at the Pantages. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. I have been incessantly singing my two fav songs since (Hasa Diga Eebowai and I Am Africa). Offensive? Sure. BUT AWESOME.

my new love.

On Saturday, I took my buddy Kayvan up on an invite to go to the USC v. Oregon game. Tailgating was a lot of fun – and games at the Coliseum are always a good time…even if I wasn’t too concerned about the outcome of the game. #calfootball.

Last weekeend also included a lot of Mexican food – two trips to Border Grill and one to Lotería Grill…whoa nelly). I loved the cute interior at Lotería.

As everyone is well aware, we re-elected Obama on Tuesday! It was exciting, but not nearly as exciting as last year. I stopped by the LA Times Tuesday night to say hi to my Dad, and to see how things were going in the newsroom…and then my mom and I hopped across the street for dinner at Pitfire.

Also worth mentioning: I have been taking advantage of sales on various online shopping vendors lately. I recently fell in love with Madewell, thanks to my friend Armita. These gems arrived yesterday. And this is coming from J. Crew. Yay, sales! (I miss rebajas in Spain so much).

In terms of my workouts, I have been sort of in a plateau lately. After the NWM 13.1, I had about a week of pretty bad hip and IT band pain, but it has since dissipated. I have been running and hitting the gym, just with less gusto than usual. It is also the time in the semester where I am having to spend more time in the library, so that has shifted my priorities as well. I have a couple of fun 5ks coming up, so I am hoping that these kick me into gear.

Happy Friday, everyone!

How do you beat the workout blahs? 

What’s  your favorite musical?

olympic (and other) inspiration.

6 Aug

I love the Olympics. But what I really love is the running events. These are the moments I remember, the athletes I follow during non-Olympic times, and the sport(s) I can relate to. There have already been some amazing and inspiring races.

I spent 2.5 hours on Saturday watching the women’s marathon. As I typed that, I realized that 2.5 hours is closer to my half-marathon time than what I could ever dream of running 26.2 in, but that’s okay. I was disappointed to see the Americans struggle (Shalane Flanagan was HURTING, and I think the tough course and conditions didn’t make things easy for Kara Goucher). Desiree Davila had to drop out before mile 3 due to a hip flexor injury. I LOVE Monica‘s reflections on what that must feel like in this post.  Watching the finish between the leading four women, though, was awesome. I ended my viewing session feeling empowered and with my game-face on to run a marathon.


The men’s 10,000 was pretty awesome as well, seeing Mo Farah and Galen Rupp go 1-2 at the finish. They’re friends and training partners, and Rupp HAULED at the end.


My FAVORITE moment of London 2012 so far, though, was the finish of the men’s 400 m semi-final, where the winner (James) asked Oscar Pistorius (who is a double amputee) for his name bib. Pistorius finished last, and this gesture was incredible. Pistorius will undoubtedly remain one of the heros and inspirations of these games. So touching.


I’m excited to watch more track events – particularly the 400m men’s final, the decathlon, the women’s 100m hurdles, and obviously all of the distance events. Running is the best.

In other random news – here are so me tidbits from the last week or so:

Last Thursday was National IPA Day. Thank goodness Katherine alerted me about it on Twitter – I HAD to celebrate. Luckily, Jenn and I ended up in the Conejo Valley to run an errand (more on that later) so she suggested we hit up my very favorite micro-brewery in LA: Ladyface Alehouse and Brasserie. I sipped on a Ladyface Ale.

Ladyface IPA.

And we shared the Panzanella Salad (which they recently changed – it used to be a little better) and the mac n cheese.

That errand we were running? To pick up my new favorite piece of furniture I bought off Craigslist from someone out in Simi Valley! For months Jenn and I have wanted a bar cart or something to fill out our apartment. I even reached out to Twitter I was so frustrated with the high prices I was seeing everywhere:

On Thursday morning, my mom emailed me a link to a bar she had found – it was in my price range, originally from Pottery Barn and rarely (if ever) used, matched my other furniture, and was still available! It was meant to be.

Here it is with our “collection” before we put it away….

…and after:

Best. Purchase. Ever.

I already recapped the Hood Internet show I went to on Friday. On Saturday, I high-tailed it back out to the Conejo Valley for a dentist appointment at home. I ran some errands out that way (including buying a new suit for OCI interviews).

That evening, my mom and I headed to my friend Garrett’s home for his wedding reception. I wasn’t able to make it to his wedding in June, so it was so nice to see him and his wife, Elizabeth, and his family. I even spotted old prom photos that I may or may not be in on the wall. Those crack me up every time. Maybe one day they will make it on the blog. I was also stoked to be able to see some of my old friends from my cross-country days. In particular, Garrett and I were both friends with a group of guys two grades below us. 8 years later and I can still make fun of them. It’s mildly weird now that they can drink legally, though.

evan, doug, me, garrison, and garrett.

So fun. When my mom and I left, we noticed someone had egged my car (?!) so that was a minor nuisance.

On Sunday, I “slept in” til after 8 and set out for a 9 mile run. I had left my Garmin at my apartment, so settled for an estimate my Dad suggested. I think it was a little short (maybe 8.5) but it was nice to run on some familiar territory. I am in “Olympics mode” and running long felt great. I spent the rest of the day watching the Olympics and preparing for OCI. (A separate post on OCI and my 2L plans to come!)

This weekend was fun – and reminded me of two things I cherish: running and old friends.

Last week’s workouts were admittedly uninspired. I think finishing work sort of left me a little bit lazy. Game on this week. (I say that now…)

  • Monday: Yoga (Core Power Yoga)
  • Tuesday: OFF
  • Wednesday: 4 mi. run
  • Thursday: 3 mi. run + Yoga (Runyon Canyon)
  • Friday: 1 mi. run and LIGHT weights at the gym (I decided I did not want to be there, at all)
  • Saturday: OFF
  • Sunday: 8.5-9 mile run in Agoura

What is your favorite Olympic moment from 2012 so far? Favorite Olympic moment ever?