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17 Apr

Hi everyone!  I can’t believe it’s already mid-April.  This year is speeding by and I’m not sure I like it.  I figured since we’re past the 1/3 mark on the year, I’d do a little update on how my 2014 Resolutions/Goals are going so far:

  • Read 12 books. – I’m relatively on track for this one, about to finish my third.  I got a little off track while moving, re-arranging everything, but I think I can do this one.
  • Do yoga 50 times.  I was on track with this one all the way through the LA Marathon, and then I fell off the wagon a little bit. I was doing yoga at a studio in Santa Monica (I had a groupon).  Once that expired, I’ve been less stoked on yoga.  My gym doesn’t have any instructors I’m loving, and I’ve been getting a little bit more into Body Pump.
  • Buy a cheap used bike and get comfy with it.  Still haven’t made moves on this front. I know, pretty lame for a spin instructor to not have a real bike. Must. Remedy. This.
  • Travel. I haven’t done a ton of traveling just yet (although I did JUST go to San Diego for the weekend with my girlfriends), but I am hoping to plan a trip for after the bar exam and some shorter trips as well before my job begins.
  • Expand my blog. My goal was to incorporate collaborations/working with sponsors (I’ve done some awesome product reviews: HaloBelt, Camelbak Relay, and Clif MOJO bars, to name a couple) and have a couple of fun events lined up. I’m not gonna quit the legal field to blog full time by any means, but I am excited that my blog is heading in the right direction.
  • PR in the marathon. DONE. While I was initially disappointed I didn’t BQ at LA, I am really happy with my PR of over 5-minutes, running a 3:44.
  • No Regrets Bar Studying.  Too early to tell.
  • SUP more often and learn to surf.  I’ve gone SUPing…once so far this year and also haven’t made surfing moves.  There’s time.

General fitness update:

  • Running:  I’ve been toning down my runs post-Ragnar.  I have been getting back into the swing of running with my DTLA Running group once a week, which I love, and running with Back on My Feet – Team Homeboy Industries 2-3 times per week. Last week, my left quad felt a little strained and hasn’t entirely bounced back, and I experience a little bit of top-of-foot pain on my right foot every once in awhile, so I’m trying to listen to my body and not push it.
  • Once again, I wore Thirty48 during all of my legs for Ragnar and their compression sleeves and running socks pretty much saved my legs and feet.


  • Spinning:  I am still teaching 2x/week, and more if I pick up other classes.  I love making playlists and hanging out with my gym friends, and the fact that a gym employees me is always a good laugh.
  • Yoga: See above.  I need some sort of yoga inspiration. Any ideas?
  • Strength/Weights:  Just when I thought it was practically impossible, I picked up another obsession.  What is it, you ask? Body Pump. I have seen results physically and I love how efficient it is — if I were meandering around on the gym floor for an hour, there is no way I would be able to accomplish as much as I do in a body pump class. Also, the new release (Body Pump 89) just came out and it is no joke.  I have been doing body pump 2-3x/week.
  • Nutrition: A few of my friends from the gym and I are taking part in a “challenge” for the next two months. It’s essentially a paleo diet — no carbs.  So far, it has been pretty easy for meals, but it is a bigger challenge for pre-workout snacks. Does anyone have any carb-free snacks they swear by? I am not doing this for weight loss.  I am comfortable with how I look — I don’t weigh myself because who needs that?  I am doing this because I generally eat whatever I want, all the time, and don’t think about it.  This challenge will be good for me to be thoughtful about nutrition, and it will also be interesting to see if I notice any difference.
  • Walking: I prefer to walk whenever I can — but my FitBit needs some major charging so I have been lagging with stats for that lately.

How are your resolutions coming?  

What are you checking off the list and which are proving to be more of a struggle? 

2014: #getafterit.

3 Jan

I have never been THAT into New Year’s Resolutions — but I realized about half-way through last year I was checking off some pretty big goals, so I like the opportunity to reflect on what’s important to me and set some goals at the beginning of the year.  Without further ado, here’s what I’d like to get after in 2014.

  • Read 12 books. During law school, my “reading for pleasure” has been reduced to skimming blogs while in (boring) classes. I want to commit to reading a book a month — which might prove difficult while I’m studying for the bar — so I’ll settle for 12 total.
  • Do yoga 50 times this year.  Yoga is hard for me, but I love how refreshed I feel after a class.  Also, yoga has been helpful in preventing injury for me as a runner.  I’m aiming for one yoga class a week.  (I’m also planning on keeping up with the cross-training — mostly spin and body pump).
  • Buy a (cheap, used) bike and get comfy with it.  (Because, triathlon.  Eventually).


  • Travel.  I love to explore — so this year I’d like to get away as often as possible — and ideally plan a longer, more extended (exotic) trip for after the bar exam.
  • Expand my blog.  I’m thinking collaborations, working with sponsors, and maybe going to a conference.
  • PR in the marathon. I’m running the LA Marathon on March 9th and my goal is to shatter my previous PR of 3:49.  The key to this is long runs, injury prevention (see above yoga goal) and not dying miles 19-26.  I’m not setting a goal for number of races — I’ll pick a few and go from there. 
  • No Regrets Bar Studying.  I’d say “take and pass the CA bar exam” but that sounds like asking for a jinx.  I want to study smartly so when the exam comes I don’t have any regrets about what I should or could have done differently.


  • SUP more often and learn to surf.  Nothing too crazy, but I love the sun and being out on the water, so it seemed like a logical next step.


  • Get out of my comfort zone.
  • Begin working as a lawyer and make it work for me.  I’m not sure if I’ll fall in love with my first “big girl” job, but I want to spend the last 4 months of the year enjoying it!
  • Spend more time with those who matter. 

Do you have any goals or resolutions for the new year? Share one below! 

#elf4health week 4 in review.

22 Dec

photo 3

This was the last week of #Elf4Health — which is sad!  This is probably the most fun I’ve ever had doing any sort of online challenge.  I met some cool new people and challenged myself a little bit along the way.

Here’s how this week went down:

Monday’s task was to meditate.  I am not a big meditator — but I tried a new-to-me spin instructor at my gym and he played a song where we were encouraged to close our eyes and relax.  I took some deep breaths and tried to tune everything out.  Not totally meditative, but about as close as I get.

Tuesday’s wall sit came after a body pump class — so my quads were shaaaaaky.  I hung in there for 2 minutes.

On Wednesday, I linked up with Samalee to share our respective areas of expertise.  I posted about how to become a spin instructor, and I published her post all about de-coding your cholesterol numbers.

On Thursday, our challenge was to eat at least 3 food groups at every meal.  Breakfast included: toast with butter (carbs + fat), 3 eggs (protein/dairy) and a bunch of veggies (kale, spinach, and red pepper).   photo 1 (5)

I picked up lunch at a local sandwich place — that checked off a few criteria: bread (carbs), mozzarella (dairy), prosciutto (meat/protein), tomato (vegetable), and a side of a banana (fruit).

photo 2 (3)

Dinner was consumed post yoga and spin — and although I had worked out hard, I wasn’t really all that hungry. I went with my old faithful — the Green Monster. (Spinach – vegetable,  Peanut Butter – Fat, Banana – Fruit).  Later a beer and some french fries were consumed at Villains Tavern.

photo 4 (2)

On Friday I jotted down 6 things I love about myself — 3 physical and 3 non-physical. Woot.


Saturday’s new fitness goals are three-fold:

(1) Do yoga 50 times in 2014. (More on this later)

(2) PR at the LA Marathon

(3) Actually foam roll.

My friend Angela and I at YogaHop last week.

My friend Angela and me at YogaHop last week.

Finally, on the last day of #Elf4Health I made a donation.   I dropped off the bags of clothes from last week’s closet clean-out at Goodwill.  I also made a couple of small monetary donations to charities that are important to my brother for part of his Christmas gift. (Direct quote: “Don’t get me anything for Christmas. Just donate to charity”…so we’ll see how this actually goes over).

photo 5

I had a great #Elf4Health and will look forward to participating in it next year!  I especially loved finding new blogs/tweeps/fitness freaks.

Elves — what was your favorite part of #Elf4Health?

I really enjoyed the variety of the tasks as well as reading everyone’s different ways they completed the challenges on social media.

i went to the lululemon warehouse sale and lived to tell about it.

15 Sep

A few weeks ago, someone RT’d a tweet that mentioned a Lululemon warehouse sale taking place in Los Angeles.  I added it to my calendar and made a mental noted that my morning of Friday, September 13th would be spent at the LA Convention Center.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get up at 4:30 am that morning to get in line with the rest of the fitness population of Los Angeles. I got there around 9, stood in line for 90 minutes, and realized I would still have a good 3-4 hours ahead of me. I cut my losses and went and enjoyed the rest of my day. It was a SPECTACLE there on Friday. I enjoyed the tweets of @bretturig who was dragged to the event with his wife and was sort of poking fun at the absurdity of all of these people waiting in line for clothes they sweat in.

I pretty much gave up any hope of scoring any sweet deals, but then I saw that one of my friends from law school had waited 15 minutes (at 5:30 p.m.) and walked away with a ton of cute stuff. I was going to try again.

On Saturday, I had my afternoon relatively unscheduled (after my spin class, that is), so I stalked the warehouse sale twitter account (@lululemonWHUS), and as soon as they said the wait was under an hour, I bolted out of my apartment and walked to the sale. I stood in line exactly one hour before I headed into the sale. I spent about 90 minutes perusing the racks. Some of the items weren’t THAT discounted, but as time wore on, the deals get better.

Day 2 prices.

Day 2 prices.

My best deal was the Vinyasa Before You Vino Bag for $29, a couple of cute crops (the pink ones were $9), a Fast Track tank in black, and the Puri Tee Short Sleeve shirt. I also grabbed a few things for my mom and a friend or two.


On Saturday, I managed to snag 12 items for $300. I’d call that a success. The 12 items were:

– Gym Bag

– Warm-Up Jacket/pull-over (2)

– Fast Track Tank (2)

– Power Y Tank in Blue Laceoflauge (1); for a friend

– Pink Crops

– Amped Crop in Blue w/ Yellow Stripe

– Boogie Short (Pink)

– Puri Tee Short Sleeve

– V-neck tank

– Cream colored yoga pants

I am NOT a huge shopper. I would rather go to brunch and laugh over mimosas or go hiking than go shopping, just about any day, but I have been in the market for new workout gear. I use workout gear just about every day – and sometimes more than once. And now that I am teaching spin twice a week, I feel like it was time to upgrade my workout wardrobe.  Seriously, I was wearing old Nike shorts that I’ve had for 5+ years that sag when sweaty. TMI? Probably.

Anyway, the event was fun. Lululemon did a pretty good job of carrying the elements that make the in-store experience into the convention center – they had women on kangaroo jump type shoes, people doing yoga, break-dancing demonstration, and a DJ bumping some great beats. They also had people come around and take pictures of people standing in line so they could write a “goal” down and have a picture taken with it.

I like lululemon because I have had great experience with the quality, and look. Before this sale, I have owned exactly 4 lululemon items: a tank, a pair of shorts, a running skirt, and a different tank I bought for spin purposes.

fav tank + shorts. [seriously my fav things to wear running].

fav tank + shorts. [seriously my fav things to wear running]

running skirt convert on my first 20 miler.

running skirt convert on my first 20 miler.

spin tank.

spin tank.

After my success on Saturday, I decided to monitor the Twitter account on Sunday. Since I live so close to the sale, I really didn’t have a reason not to go if there was no wait. Around 5:30 I walked back in. To my delight, I found that tanks were now 5 for $50. I also scored a super nice rain jacket for $19 (I know it never rains here, but maybe I will travel sometime to a place where it isn’t always sunny and gorgeous), a pair of bright yellow crops (good for body pump/lifting) for $9, a few running skirts for $9 (one for me and two for my mom), and a few tanks for friends. Lulu success Pt. 2!


(I got more than what is pictured here, but you get the idea…).

I am not a lulu fanatic – in fact, much of what I have read about the company is unnerving and a little weird. (Remember the “Lululemon Murder” in 2011?). Some of the company’s ideology borders on cultish. That being said, I think some elements of the company’s marketing strategy is genius – they really have figured out the whole “aspirational brand” idea, and I love the fact that they offer great community events like free yoga, running clubs, and race support during local races. I also get that part of their marketing ploy is to make you feel empowered or inspired when visiting their stores, but I like the fitspo mantras and the fact their employees have vision boards and stuff.  A location is opening in Westlake Village near my parents’ home…and my fingers are crossed that a DTLA location is next!

Anyway, I had a great time scouring for deals this weekend and now look like a semi-legitimate spin instructor/”fitness professional.” Also, I signed an e-mail “Yours in Fitness” today…but that’s a story for a different day.

The rest of my weekend was spent trying to compensate for the overly girly activities of going to a sample sale 3 different times for cute workout clothes. I saw the Dodgers win the only game of the series against the Giants, watched them lose while drinking (grossly warm) beer with Armita at Public School 612, and drinking wine at Barnsdall Art Park.

Did you go to the Lululemon Warehouse Sale in LA this weekend?

Thoughts on the brand in general? 


(favorite) days of summer.

18 Aug

Tomorrow is the first day of my last year of law school.  Even typing that is UNREAL.  I am oddly sad to start my last year of school, ever.  I have always loved school and love law school the most of all, so it’s definitely bittersweet. (I know, #nerdalert like whoaaaa).

I had a fabulous summer and wanted to capture some of my very favorite moments:

Running a Marathon

Running a marathon has been on my “bucket list” of goals for forever.  After I was sidelined from running the LA Marathon in 2012 due to a gnarly IT-band injury, I decided this year was the year after running a strong half in May.  I trained for it in less than a month (I wouldn’t recommend that, but hey).  I felt like I wasn’t going to ever walk again and may have lost a toenail or two, but I completed my first marathon this summer in 3:49.  It was probably the thing about this summer I am most proud of, although it wasn’t necessarily the most “fun.”


Teaching Spin 

I was really on a roll with checking off fitness goals this summer.  Ever since I REALLY got into spinning (2007/2008), I’ve had the eventual goal of getting certified.  I’ve been meaning to do a full post about this, but I spent a day getting certified in late June, took a test online, and a week or so later I started co-teaching at my local Gold’s Gym.  I’m now an official employee and teach Saturday mornings.  It has been fun and challenging, and I am grateful Gold’s took me on.  My favorite instructor is my mentor and has guided me and given me great advice.  Now I just need to try and sound like less of a dork when I speak on the mic.


Los Doyers 

One of my favorite things this summer was going to a TON of Dodger games.  I RANDOMLY happened to be at Dodger Stadium the night Yasiel Puig made his MLB debut, and this season has been straight-up magic so far.   I’ve been lucky to go with law school friends, high school friends, a study abroad/hostel friend,  my parents, work friends…etc. It’s been an awesome summer for my Dodger game attendance, and for the boys in blue. #AllTheyDoIsWin



One highlight of the summer was going to Chicago for my friends’ AK and Andrea’s wedding, and then spending a few more days there doing Chi-town things.


Santa Cruz for Reid’s Graduation

My parents and I had a great time spending a relaxing weekend in Santa Cruz to watch my brother graduate.  I especially loved the short run I squeezed in along the coast and exploring my brother’s neighborhood!



Outdoor picnics/boozing.

I loved going to Street Food Cinema‘s movie nights at Exposition Park this summer – I managed to make it there twice.  I also discovered a new love – the Wine Tasting Fridays at Barsndall Art Park. The 4th Annual DTLA Craft Beer Crawl merits its own post as well – so fun.

law school friends at Street Food Cinema.

law school friends at Street Food Cinema.



beer crawling.

beer crawling.


I only did this once, but it was great.  I’m adding “getting on the water” as a new fitness/life goal.  I want to own a paddleboard, especially one that says “YOLO” on it.  995980_10102316772371403_1849457150_n

DTLA Running Group. 

Although technically I started running with these guys in the spring, I started really getting into it this summer.  I average one run a week with a group I found through I’ve explored some awesome areas near downtown: Vista Hermosa Park, Echo Park Lake, Boyle Heights, and LA State Historic Park.  I’ve also met some great people – last week we did beer and tacos after!



I’m looking forward to this semester and hope to tackle some goals, learn a lot, and have a lot of fun. #ThreeLFreeL may be the relevant hashtag.

What is your favorite summer memory?

fitness trends.

15 Mar

Hi blog budz – this week has been tough – I’ve been super busy and work was especially challenging. I’ll report more about that later in the next couple of days, but I wanted to get this post out first! I had a little bit too much fun last weekend (read: I may actually never drink again), and I vowed to get myself back on a healthy track this week. I got my fitness goals a little bit more in line…now here’s to hoping everything else starts falling into place!

Also, while most of the world was super concerned with words like “papal conclave” and “white smoke” on Wednesday, I was FLIPPING out about Google announcing the eventual demise of Google Reader. I’ve since calmed down. Well, except for the fact that I sort of want to switch to Bing and cancel my G-mail in protest, but let’s not get crazy. I transferred my RSS feed to Feedly. So far, I like it. It has a cool magazine-style layout, and they’re promising a seamless transition come D-day. (July 1, duh).


I work out mostly using what some call a “hopscotch method.” I belong to a gym, but I also like jumping into other studios, running and hiking outside, and mixing it up constantly. It makes working out MUCH more fun, and is also effective cross-training.

I’ve blogged previously about my experience at Pure Barre (one of my most commented on and cited-to posts) and SoulCycle (LOVE LOVE LOVE). I have a few more to add to the mix:

Cardio Barre Beverly Hills

source: Google

source: Google

Cardio Barre Beverly Hills

source: Google

I bought a deal through Living Social (or something similar) for 10 Cardio Barre classes. The deal expired in November, and I only made it to 7 classes. I’m not a barre convert by any means – I was never a dancer so a lot of the moves and footwork comes a little bit unnaturally to me, and I am not coordinated AT ALL. I felt like I worked out afterward, but I didn’t like this as much as Pure Barre. Also, the room is pretty big and they really packed us in there, so there was little to no correction or individual attention. On the plus side, however, is that Cardio Barre’s prices are much more reasonable than Pure Barre’s. I’d say check this place out if you’re looking to try a barre place, but if you’re already a fan of another studio, stay where you’re at.

Pop Physique (3rd & Fairfax Location)

3rd & Fairfax Location

3rd & Fairfax Location (source: Google)


poppin’ (source: Google)

Pop Physique is another barre place that I checked out through a deal of some sort – this one was a 3 classes for $20 – I’ve used two so far but will probably use the last one. It’s all the same style of small, isolated movements, light weights, and some weird glute exercises up against the wall that I am convinced are made up and uneffective. I like the ambience/decor of the place (and yes, that is indeed a Marshawn Lynch reference, thank you). I also like the fact that the class sizes are smaller, and the instructors make an attempt to use our names. Still, not my favorite way to work out, but I did feel the burn!

YAS Fitness Center –  DTLA

source: Google

source: Google

source: Google

source: Google

Yeah yeah, I know you are all sick of me proclaiming my love for all things spin. While I’m not sure anything will top my SoulCycle obsession, YAS is a budget-friendly alternative. First class is free, newcomers can grab a 5 classes for $50 deal, and there’s a student discount. They also offer yoga classes which I need to be better about. The instructors are high energy and the music is up my alley – housey and full of mash-ups. It’s also nice that the classes I’ve been to so far haven’t come close to selling out, so the need to race there super early is slim to none. There’s lots of hills, seated climbs, jumps, and sprints – all the makings of a great spin class. It’s a little bit of an adjustment that “tap it up” in YAS-speak means something totally different than SoulCycle’s “tap it back” but what can you do? I like this place – and the sort of grungy, unpretentious (but still super nice!) furnishings. Oh, and free parking with validation = music to my angeleno ears.

CorePower Yoga – Wilshire Location

CorePower Yoga

source: CorePower website


source: CorePower website

I have always been bad about incorporating stretching and yoga into my routine – and I need to get back on it. Whitney introduced me to CorePower last fall and we made it a habit for awhile to go to their weekly free Monday night class. I love one instructor there – Alex – he made it fun and very un-woo-woo which is a big deal for me. I normally burst out laughing when we have to “find our centers” or whatever. This isn’t a bikram studio, but the room is still in the 80 F range, meaning I am dripping in sweat before the first shavasana. This place will also give you one week unlimited for free, which I should make use of eventually. I’d recommend this place – it’s probably the best place I’ve done yoga (besides my days at Fred Segal in SM with Lori Steele who moved to Manhattan Beach..sad). 

What are other fitness trends, deals, or studios I should check out? I can’t wait to try CrossFit at Brick soon! Let me know your favorite places! 


2 Jan

I go back and forth on the idea of “resolutions.” I feel like it’s important to set goals and to look at the year from the start, but I also dislike the idea of waiting for a new year to make changes. So, these are not my “resolutions” for 2013, but are rather my goals.

Run a Marathon – This was supposed to be accomplished in 2012, but due to injuries and overtraining I didn’t tackle it. I would like to aim for a fall marathon (my school schedule is intense this semester and a spring marathon might just be overdoing it). I’d also like to run a few more half marathons. I did three in 2012, so I’d like to match that this year, and stay injury free.

Cross-train  – Part of the reason why I got injured in 2012 was due to an absence of anything but running. In 2013 I will lift, spin, and yoga more. I’d also love to try CrossFit in 2013, but most likely at a free class or something. That stuff is priceeeey.

Go to SoulCycle more – Speaking of pricey, SoulCycle is NOT cheap. That being said, I really do love it and it is an insane workout. I would love to get more rides in 2013…I’m thinking a couple of times a month.

Get Spin Certified – This has been a goal of mine that I’ve put on the back-burner for a few years. I’d love to get spin certified and teach a class at a gym somewhere.

Travel more – In 2012, I went to Palm Springs,San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County, and Las Vegas. Law school sort of cut into my ability to travel. In 2013, I’d like to explore more.

Be more positive – Basically this means I need to dwell and obsess on things waaaaay less. This may be the hardest one.

Go to more shows/concerts  – Speaks for itself.

Eat better – I’m not aiming for perfection here, but I’d like to lean Paleo and eat a little cleaner, but still making room for sinning every now and again.

What’s your biggest goal for 2013?