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20 May

Hi everyone!  On Sunday, I graduated from law school.  It was an amazing and memorable day so I wanted to share it with you guys!  I know this is a detour from my normal fitness posts — but bear with me.

Our ceremony was held at LMU’s main campus in Westchester.  The law school is in DTLA, so it was fun (albeit a bit odd) to graduate from a place we never actually attended. It was a gorgeous day but a little on the hot side.


We all met a little before 10 am to get “robed” before the ceremony.  I quickly found my “posse.” Below are Armita, Aviva, Ross, Blake, Me, and Taylor.  This group of people were my “people” throughout law school — we hung out together, studied together, sat next to each other in classes, took practice exams and numerous Starbucks breaks together, and  of course celebrated being done with finals together.  Blake is a JD/MBA and has one more year which is why he didn’t graduate with us (so sad, but secretly I am looking forward to all of us getting together in a year when he graduates!)


I made sure to grab a photo with my co-extern fam.  Last spring, I spent 4 months as judicial extern in federal court for the Honorable Judge R. Gary Klausner (USDC).  It was an amazing learning experience — and quite the bonding experience — for the four of us: Taylor, me, Ben, and Colleen.

10366318_10103110771765253_1729034612964955238_nAfter taking a huge class photo, we lined up to begin the processional. Section 3 held it down.


Armita, Aviva, Me, Randy, and Jordan.

10252089_10103112178730683_3024128634732116476_nThe ceremony was short and sweet — about 90 minutes.  The student speeches were succinct and thoughtful, and the commencement address was given by a 1985 Loyola alum who is now the US ambassador to Korea.  He cracked a couple of jokes which I appreciated. After the ceremony, I found my family and friends and took more photos.


my fam.

My aunt Melinda and my uncle Casey came down from the Bay Area for the weekend.  My uncle is a lawyer in SF and has been a huge source of support throughout the last few years.  He went to Hastings (where I almmmmost went). 10268473_10103112180043053_4643401039386369098_nJenn and Whitney came to the ceremony as well.  As you may know, Jenn and I lived together through my entire law school experience (minus the last 6 weeks).  She was a HUGE help to me guidance-wise, and was one of the very first people to call me out for being a “gunner.”  Whitney was also always in my corner, asking questions about the process, and encouraging me.  Spending time with her was also always a nice outlet from my law school world.


Spotted Blake again! I joke that I always need a member of his family around me and it’s funnily true.  During one day of finals studying I was sitting next to Blake studying, g-chatting with his brother, and texting with his wife! (I promise, I am not as creepy as this sounds).


Me, Taylor, and Ross.


my brother and me.


Me and Whitney.


J.D. Clows (and hopefully soon both will be Esquires!)

After graduation we all went over to a restaurant along the marina in Marina del Rey. I did a pretty good job of sticking to my paleo routine…until I decided to cheat for dessert. Not mad about it.  10270720_10103110949778513_6016269532752424199_n We took a few more photos along the water…



Jenn, me, and her fiancé, Daniel.

It was a great and memorable day – thanks to everyone for all of the warm wishes.  Bar study began the following day (less than 24 hours later, no less).  I will be posting pretty irregularly in the next two months, but I’ll still be around with updates (and a few “I am losing my mind” posts).

What’s your favorite graduation memory? 

a weekend in santa cruz.

24 Jun

Last weekend, I headed up north to Santa Cruz for the weekend for my brother Reid’s college graduation.

Getting there was a feat in and of itself. From my office in DTLA, I took the metro one stop to Union Station.  There, I picked up the LAX Fly-away shuttle, which took me to LAX for $7! It was easy and efficient, except for the fact it was 15 minutes late.  I allowed plenty of time, though, so I would recommend it, as long as you leave plenty of time.  I had about and hour to kill at LAX before I hopped on the Virgin America flight to San Jose.  I landed around 10 pm, and a shuttle came (also about 15 minutes late) to drive me to Sant Cruz.  Normally, at 10:30 on a Friday night, this drive would take 40 minutes or so. But on this particular Friday, it took 90.  A power line had fallen on the freeway, seven hours earlier, and they still hadn’t fixed the problem.  Luckily the driver and other passanger in the shuttle were friendly.  Finally, at around 11:45, I arrived in downtown Santa Cruz where I met my brother and parents at a bar called 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall where the band my brother manages, Dewey and the Peoples, were performing. (Pictured below with a random fan).


My parents had an IPA waiting for me, and we hung out and listened to the music til a little after 12.  I headed back with my parents to a beach-adjacent apartment they rented through VRBO.  It couldn’t have been nicer or more quaint! If you’re looking for a place to stay in Santa Cruz, try the West Cliff Hideaway.  On Saturday morning, we got up bright and early for my brother’s 9 am graduation ceremony.  Beforehand, we stopped by my brother’s house (one block from the ocean!) for an impromptu photo shoot…with his band fam and actual fam.


IMG_3998The graduation ceremony itself was a little bit boring – the speeches were sort of ho hum.  One associate professor who spoke actually sounded EXACTLY like the “infomercial girls” on SNL.  You know, the girls who sell “Moet Chandon” champagne and are super dumb? As soon as my mom pointed that out I kept repeating it incessantly throughout the day. It was great seeing my brother walk, though, and I enjoyed seeing more of the UCSC campus.


IMG_4005There are deer errywhere:



IMG_4014After the ceremony, we had a delicious brunch (the scones alone were incredible) at Hoffman’s in DT Santa Cruz.  My parents had gone their the previous night (after my Dad realized the restaurant had received a make-over on one of his favorite shows, Restaurant Impossible). They enjoyed their dinner so we went back for a boozy brunch.


IMG_4015Later that day, I shopped with my mom and relaxed. I even took a nap! “Naps are for suckers” is one of my mantras, and this one was no different.  Although I felt super refreshed after, in the hour I slept the Dodgers gave up two runs to the Pirates and Kimye had their baby. After my nap (God, who am I?) I went out for a short, untimed run.  I did a slow 3.5 miles (approx.) from the beach house down to the pier and back.  This was my first outdoor run after 26.2 and it felt great.





We had a very nice celebratory dinner at a nice placed called Aquarius, with great views overlooking the water.  My brother had kept his lei on so people kept congratulating him which was awesome, and he was definitely happy.



It was a quick trip but fun – and it left me wanting more beach time!

I’m painting you a portrait of young…

20 May

College graduation. It’s inevitable, but its inevitability seems infinitely far away until about a month before the festivities begin.

Here is the Sparknotes version of my graduation(s).

Psychology – May 15, 2010 Greek Theater

-Spending some QT with my parents, brother, aunt, and uncle
-Delicious catered reception on Memorial Glade after
-Gorgeous Greek Theater
-It was HOT
-Nothing too stellar about the commencement speeches (despite on professor I’ve liked, Serena Chen, being the keynote speaker).
-the Phd candidates graduated with us – meaning we had to sit through 20 synopses of their dissertations (my uncle made fun of them though, and that was hilarious)
Family by the campanile:
Helping me explore the Bay Area for the better part of 22 years:

Commencement Convocation – May 16, 2010 – Haas Auditorium
-Getting to graduate with my best friends at Cal.
-taking pictures and mingling with everyone’s families before the ceremony
-a truly inspiring speech from filmmaker Tiffany Shlain in which she urged us to “have moxie.” Despite everyone being collectively frustrated that Cal is able to attract A-list names a la the University of Michigan getting Obama, Shlain was comedic, interesting, and made an impact. While the fact that the UC system fails to pay its workers a living wage and “big names” thus won’t cross the picket lines, that fact alone is pretty Berkeley and we ended up with a great speaker. Win.
-An even better speech from University Medal winner Joshua Biddle. His words were really motivating, and his original poem, “Speak Out” was chilling. His story was amazing.
– the adorable appearance of the (now former) Chief Justice of the Philippines.
-Chancellor Bobby B and those sweet pins we got
-every. single. name. was called. terrible.
Gonna miss these guys:
Tiffany Shlain is the spokesperson for “moxie”
Mass Communications (UGIS ceremony) – May 18, 2010 – Greek Theater
-Short and sweet ceremony
-interesting points made in the commencement speech
-saw all my mass comm buddies
-diverse array of majors present at ceremony (mass comm/media studies, american studies, religious studies, interdisciplinary studies field major)
-entertaining group of students
-ho-hum commencement speech
-borderline/bad student speaker
My friend Kelly and I backstage at the Greek:
Me, Michelle, and Malia do Mass Comm: