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seven minute workout.

5 Nov

My evening class was re-scheduled tonight, meaning I had 3 un-scheduled hours at my disposal. I did a little of work on campus (I’m a Research Assistant for my favorite professor) but then I headed home to squeeze in a quick workout.

I was STARVING when I got home so I noshed on a new Clif Bar flavor — Pecan Pie. Loooove.

I hopped on the treadmill for 3 easy miles (around 8:30 pace).  I wanted to get a little bit of resistance training in, and my BFF Whitney suggested I try the 7 Minute Workout app.

I had first heard about this workout in May when the New York Times wrote an article about it, and then Run Eat Repeat followed suit shortly after.  After hearing Tony Horton and Harley Pasternak speak at #FitBlogLA, I have been antsy to incorporate more resistance and high intensity interval training into my regimen.

This workout was simple — it consisted of 12 movements you do for 30 seconds each, with 10 seconds rest in between.  I did it twice, for a grand total of 14 minutes.

The workout consists of the following movements:

(1) Jumping Jacks

(2) Wall Sit

(3) Push-Ups

(4) Crunches

(5) Step-Ups (on a chair)

(6) Squats

(7) Tricep Dips (on a chair)

(8) Plank

(9) High-knees (running in place) –> these were KILLER

(10) Lunges

(11) Push-ups and rotation

(12) Side Plank

source: NYT

source: NYT

This workout was no joke — but it was fun and relatively simple.  I liked the fact that you don’t really need anything to do it, just a chair and a wall. I was feeling the burn by the end — the high knee running in place was ROUGH.

I also totally recommend the (free) iTunes app.  It times everything for you and also has YouTube videos built into the app if you need a refresher on how to do the movement.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 9.52.00 PM

 I liked the workout — it felt good to do a little bit of HIIT in addition to my run.

plank selfie. don't mind me.

plank selfie. don’t mind me.

Have you guys tried the 7 Minute Workout? Thoughts? 

Favorite fitness app?

photo dump.

23 Jun

I’ve been a bad blogger.  In my defense, however, I’ve been busy – with work, social events, and my brother’s graduation last weekend in Santa Cruz! Here’s what I’ve been up to the last few weeks:

I’ve been spinning a lot lately.  Today I’ll be spinning for 3 hours at the YAS-A-Thon to raise money for ThinkCure! so I have been spinning a bunch to get in shape for that. I’m also going to get spin certified (next weekend!) so I want to be in the zone for that.  Post marathon, I have realized I don’t NEED to run so much, and I can incorporate more spin classes whenever I feel like it.


I LOVE this statue/plaque outside of the Ernst & Young building downtown.  Gotta love big businesses who can laugh at their reputation!

IMG_3975I’ve been utilizing my apartment complex’s small gym for some morning weight work.  I am really digging the Tone It Up workouts – and I especially love how they’re beach themed.  The Costa Rica “Pura Vida” one is probably my fav so far.


I’ve been really lucky to get to go to several awesome events with the firm I’m working for this summer.  Last week, I went to a silent auction and cocktail party put on by LAFLA – the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles.  It was held at the Japanese American Cultural Center – who knew it was this cute?

IMG_3978At the auction, I won (read: bought) 4 tickets to two different Dodger games.  The first one was the following night, against the D-backs. I took my parents and my friend Armita.


My dad and I being total tools:


Last weekend I was in Santa Cruz to see my little bro graduate from college.  It was a fun trip – I’ll do a full post about it soon. Congrats, Reid!



I changed offices at work on Monday.  Helloooo view of Dodger Stadium (way out there past the smog).


I have been listening to Yeezus non-stop since I downloaded it last weekend. It is that good. (Caveat: I am Team Kanye. Anything he touches basically turns to gold, IMHO).  But surrriously, I thought I couldn’t like an album more than JT’s 20/20 Experience, and then Random Access Memories came out. And now Yeezus. (I’m also digging Bearly Legal, the new mash-up album from The White Panda).

On Friday, the firm I’m working for this summer had a golf tournament.  I am awful at golf, but thankfully the tournament was “best ball” style and my team of four only HAD to count three of my strokes – and luckily I was able to sink 3 putts.  We ended up finishing second in the tournament, at 3 under par, missing the championship by one stroke.  Totally fine with me…because, you know, I’d feel a little uncomfy taking home a plaque when I am literally awful at golf.  On the plus side, the partner on my team told me I “have a future in this game” and that “guys like girls who can play golf.”  So I’ll try to work on that.


We played at Brookside Golf Course near the Rose Bowl. It was such a pretty day to be out there!


The rest of my weekend has been pretty chill – relaxing with friends, getting some work done, etc.  Last night, after dragging my feet all day to go exercise, I left my house around 7 for what I thought would be a 4 miler.  It turned out to be an awesome, relaxed 5.75er.  I made pitstops at Vista Hermosa Park (one of my favorite spots in LA) and Echo Park Lake. Not too shabby.



Alright I’m out to spin my heart out! Happy Sunday!

Question: Yeezus…’Ye or Nay? 


fitness trends.

15 Mar

Hi blog budz – this week has been tough – I’ve been super busy and work was especially challenging. I’ll report more about that later in the next couple of days, but I wanted to get this post out first! I had a little bit too much fun last weekend (read: I may actually never drink again), and I vowed to get myself back on a healthy track this week. I got my fitness goals a little bit more in line…now here’s to hoping everything else starts falling into place!

Also, while most of the world was super concerned with words like “papal conclave” and “white smoke” on Wednesday, I was FLIPPING out about Google announcing the eventual demise of Google Reader. I’ve since calmed down. Well, except for the fact that I sort of want to switch to Bing and cancel my G-mail in protest, but let’s not get crazy. I transferred my RSS feed to Feedly. So far, I like it. It has a cool magazine-style layout, and they’re promising a seamless transition come D-day. (July 1, duh).


I work out mostly using what some call a “hopscotch method.” I belong to a gym, but I also like jumping into other studios, running and hiking outside, and mixing it up constantly. It makes working out MUCH more fun, and is also effective cross-training.

I’ve blogged previously about my experience at Pure Barre (one of my most commented on and cited-to posts) and SoulCycle (LOVE LOVE LOVE). I have a few more to add to the mix:

Cardio Barre Beverly Hills

source: Google

source: Google

Cardio Barre Beverly Hills

source: Google

I bought a deal through Living Social (or something similar) for 10 Cardio Barre classes. The deal expired in November, and I only made it to 7 classes. I’m not a barre convert by any means – I was never a dancer so a lot of the moves and footwork comes a little bit unnaturally to me, and I am not coordinated AT ALL. I felt like I worked out afterward, but I didn’t like this as much as Pure Barre. Also, the room is pretty big and they really packed us in there, so there was little to no correction or individual attention. On the plus side, however, is that Cardio Barre’s prices are much more reasonable than Pure Barre’s. I’d say check this place out if you’re looking to try a barre place, but if you’re already a fan of another studio, stay where you’re at.

Pop Physique (3rd & Fairfax Location)

3rd & Fairfax Location

3rd & Fairfax Location (source: Google)


poppin’ (source: Google)

Pop Physique is another barre place that I checked out through a deal of some sort – this one was a 3 classes for $20 – I’ve used two so far but will probably use the last one. It’s all the same style of small, isolated movements, light weights, and some weird glute exercises up against the wall that I am convinced are made up and uneffective. I like the ambience/decor of the place (and yes, that is indeed a Marshawn Lynch reference, thank you). I also like the fact that the class sizes are smaller, and the instructors make an attempt to use our names. Still, not my favorite way to work out, but I did feel the burn!

YAS Fitness Center –  DTLA

source: Google

source: Google

source: Google

source: Google

Yeah yeah, I know you are all sick of me proclaiming my love for all things spin. While I’m not sure anything will top my SoulCycle obsession, YAS is a budget-friendly alternative. First class is free, newcomers can grab a 5 classes for $50 deal, and there’s a student discount. They also offer yoga classes which I need to be better about. The instructors are high energy and the music is up my alley – housey and full of mash-ups. It’s also nice that the classes I’ve been to so far haven’t come close to selling out, so the need to race there super early is slim to none. There’s lots of hills, seated climbs, jumps, and sprints – all the makings of a great spin class. It’s a little bit of an adjustment that “tap it up” in YAS-speak means something totally different than SoulCycle’s “tap it back” but what can you do? I like this place – and the sort of grungy, unpretentious (but still super nice!) furnishings. Oh, and free parking with validation = music to my angeleno ears.

CorePower Yoga – Wilshire Location

CorePower Yoga

source: CorePower website


source: CorePower website

I have always been bad about incorporating stretching and yoga into my routine – and I need to get back on it. Whitney introduced me to CorePower last fall and we made it a habit for awhile to go to their weekly free Monday night class. I love one instructor there – Alex – he made it fun and very un-woo-woo which is a big deal for me. I normally burst out laughing when we have to “find our centers” or whatever. This isn’t a bikram studio, but the room is still in the 80 F range, meaning I am dripping in sweat before the first shavasana. This place will also give you one week unlimited for free, which I should make use of eventually. I’d recommend this place – it’s probably the best place I’ve done yoga (besides my days at Fred Segal in SM with Lori Steele who moved to Manhattan Beach..sad). 

What are other fitness trends, deals, or studios I should check out? I can’t wait to try CrossFit at Brick soon! Let me know your favorite places! 

the highlight of my week.

29 Apr

…was definitely seeing Bruce Springsteen in concert on Friday night at the Los Angeles Sports Arena! My parents are HUGE fans of “The Boss.” I remember my brother and I once found an old page of my mom’s calendar from some year in the 70s, and one particular day was highlighted in multiple colors because she was going to a Bruce concert that night. My parents have EACH seen him over 20 times. (And they say I have an obsessive personality…) I have listened to Bruce over the years and definitely have some favorite songs, and after years of hearing how epic he is as a performer I was excited to see him live.

So when they compulsively tickets to Bruce’s shows (yes, plural) in Los Angeles, I had no choice but to take a ticket off their hand. They went on Thursday night with two other couples, and I joined them on Friday (with my friend Aviva). We met up with my parents after studying for most of the day, and grabbed dinner close to USC at The Lab. I enjoyed a Lab IPA or two and their Greek Garden Burger which was pretty good.

you know you're in a college town when this acceptable.

greek garden burger.

This place was SUPER crowded – mostly due to the concert, but also due to the fact that it was the last day of school for USC undergrads. This made me instantly nostalgic for college (read: college bars) – I can’t believe I almost graduated two years ago! Nuts. [Just to be clear, I went to Cal, not U$C. Go Bears].

After dinner, we walked over to the venue. (Typing this word in a non-Civ Pro context is baffling. FML). Since my parents are Bruce-fiends they knew the 7:30 show wouldn’t start until 8:15 or so so we had plenty of time. He ended up coming on around 8:30 and played for a full three hours.

I didn’t recognize all of the songs, but he played some tried-and-true classics: Badlands, Dancing in the Dark, and my very favorite: Born To Run (are you surprised?). I liked his “My City of Ruins” which I remembered from the post-9/11 benefit concert, and enjoyed his newer song “Rocky Ground.” Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine made two appearances on two different songs which was pretty awesome as well. The enthusiasm and energy at the show was infectious, and the sheer size of the E Street Band was impressive.

Bruce also interacts with the audience a lot which was cool – we were seated behind the stage and I didn’t feel like we missed out at all. He also brought an adorable 4-year-old girl on stage with him and she sang a few bars of a song with him.

baby we were born to run.

It was a great concert (much, much better than the last show I saw at the LA Sports Arena…Fall Out Boy and The All-American Rejects in 2006). Embarrassing.

Other things I’ve been up to this week?

Well, I finished my first year of law school classes! It’s hard to believe, especially since finals are still ahead of me, but it really did fly by. Now I am in finals “lock-down” mode. My first one in Civil Procedure, next Friday. I’ve been memorizing my outline, taking some practice tests, and making jokes about 12(b)(6) motions, embracing §1332, and permissive intervention whenever possible. But seriously. Right now, things like this are beyond funny:

Glad to see Berkeley Law (the law school formally known as Boalt) is representing. You stay hyphy, B-Town.

Before I head back to study-mode, here are my workouts from this last week:

  • Monday: AM: 5.2 mile run PM: First workout of NROLFW 2A. I was DEFINITELY sore on Tuesday.
  • Tuesday: OFF
  • Wednesday: Spin
  • Thursday: AM: 3.2 mile run, PM: Yoga with Lori Steele 
  • Friday: NROLFW 2B (with 14 min. treadmill interval workout)
  • Saturday: 8.5 Mile Run (felt great! went in the evening and only mild knee pain the last mile during a steep downhill).
  • Sunday: Spin
I dragged my friend Amber to yoga with me – she liked the class, and it was nice to have someone to laugh with during the harder poses.

yes, the yoga studio is inside of a fred segal.

I’m happy that I got a few runs in this week and was able to go longer than I have in awhile. I’m hoping to run 13.1 in a few weeks – just trying to ease the knee/IT band back into running.

Have a great week, everyone!

stage 1 and done.

22 Apr

Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend! Mine was a blend of good eats, good workouts, and studying. (I thought about also saying “good” studying but that was even a bit too nerdy for me…rough). I chowed at two new-to-me places, Mendocino Farms and 800 Degrees (separate post on this one to follow), and also indulged in my friend Armita‘s homemade pasta shells on Saturday and did The Color Run in Irvine – those were the big highlights.

Another accomplishment this week? I finished Stage One of the New Rules of Lifting for Women! I picked up this book after reading about Meghann‘s experience and hoping to have some structure for my time in the weight room. In the past, I would do the weight machines – I liked feeling like I was getting stronger, but I never really saw results with my haphazard attempt at lifting. After finishing Stage One, I feel stronger, noticed changes in my arms and shoulders, and have been able to lift heavier weights!

Stage One is the longest stage (18 workouts total). Each time I went to the gym, I would alternate between two workouts “1A” and “1B.” The first two workouts in each category were 2 sets of 15 reps, then 2 sets of 12, then 3 sets of 10, and finally 3 sets of 8, with the goal of gradually building up to heavier weights. The last two workouts in each stage involved going back to the lightest weight, and doing as many reps as possible. It was cool to notice the progression! I thought the workouts were fun, easy to follow, and short (20-30 minutes each time depending on how crowded the gym was).

final 1A workout.

Yes, I carried around paper and pen at the gym. And a clipboard. #comeatmebro.

Here’s what the workouts consisted of:


  • Squats (start: 30 lbs, finish: 50 lbs).
  • Push-ups (this is my weakest exercise – started with some on knee, finished with no knees!)
  • Seated Row (start: 60 lbs, finish: 75 lbs)
  • Step-Up (on a block) (start: 15 lb. free weight each hand, finish: 25 lb. free weight each hand)
  • Prone Jack-Knife (body weight)


  • Deadlift (start: 40 lbs. finish: 60 lbs)
  • Dumbbell shoulder press (start: 15 lb. each hand. finish: 22.5 lbs each hand)
  • Wide-grip lat pulldown (start: 60 lbs. finish: 75 lbs).
  • Lunge (start: 17.5 free weight each hand. finish: 22.5 free weight each hand)
  • Swiss-ball crunch (free weight)

I did this workout 2-3x a week depending on how many times I was already going to the gym. I am not following the diet instructions (although implementing suggestions here and there) but I am so far happy with the program! It is easy to follow and not scary, and I like the fact I can fold it into my gym routine relatively easily! Fingers crossed Stage 2 is just as legit.

Speaking of workouts, here’s what went down this semana pasada:

  • Monday: Body Pump
  • Tuesday: Spin Class and NROLFW 1A Final Workout
  • Wednesday: Spin Class
  • Thursday: AM: 3 mile run + PM: Yoga
  • Friday: OFF
  • Saturday: Spin Class and NROLFW 1B Final Workout
  • Sunday:  The Color Run 5K

This week was light on the running but spin-heavy – gotta love my cardio! Hoping to get some longer runs in this week, spin, start NROLFW 2(!) and also make it to yoga.

And finally, keeping with the fitness theme, here a few pictures from last week’s Nike She Runs LA 10k.

emily and me, post-race.

Have a great week, y’all!

What’s your workout goal for the week??

weekend wars.

15 Apr

Hello loyal reader(s)! I can’t believe it’s already mid-April. This year is zipping along. It’s great summer is right around the corner…it’s less great that finals are even more imminent.

Keeping with the trend, here are the highlights of this last week…

Monday marked the official end of my Legal Writing class – the mandatory first-year oral argument. It was basically a glorified recitation of my brief. I did pretty well – the judge afterward told me I was “poised and articulate.” The argument was ungraded and no winner was declared, but it was still a fun exercise. Primo Coffee Roasters, Inc. (my fake client) FTW! Other Monday highlights?  I registered for NWM 13.1 in October – as a student I didn’t have to enter the lottery and was guaranteed a spot! I’m still working on getting my roommate, Jenn, to commit and I’m crossing my fingers that my mom’s number gets pulled this year!

The rest of the week was punctuated by boring classes (joinder and interpleader, products liability, yuck) and a few reminders of just how small our section of 80 can seem (high school gossip but with a bunch of type-A neurotic people can be really funny).

Friday was stormy and gloomy – so Aviva, Armita, Blake, and I camped out in the library. I study raged with Civ Pro and we took a lunch break at Simply Salad which was an excellent call. Later Armita and I indulged at The Bungalow on Larchmont by splitting a piece of incredibly rich red velvet cake.

the perfect antidote to studying. and drama.

Our nightcap? Hanging out at Armita’s apartment and watching The Silence of the Lambs. Yes, yet another film I’d yet to see in its entirety – although I had seen clips my senior year at Cal in a Media Studies class (the lecture was about voyuerism apparently and the objectification of women – I looked at my notes #nerdalert).

Saturday was a great day – I kicked it off with the She Runs LA 10k (full re-cap post to follow, just waiting on Brightroom to get its act together and post the photos). Later, I headed to the WeHo library to churn out some work and try to ignore the loud members of the public who confused the library with a karaoke bar, McDonalds playplace, or a roller coaster. I forget that public libraries are open to the public. Other FML moments included the time my dad texted me a photo from the hotel he and my mom are at in Vegas. Cool story, bro.

a snapshot from the Vdara.

Now all 3 members of my family have been to Vegas in the last month. That’s NOT okay.

While I was at the library, one of my section buddies, Eyad, messaged me and invited me to a get-together he was planning that night – dinner at Sushi Hiroba on Vine and then Comedy Sportz!  I immediately agreed to go – I grew up going to Comedy Sportz shows at this very theater, my brother was a member of his high school team, and, well, I love to laugh.

Eyad goes big with these events – there were over 20 people in our entourage – and only 4 of us from school!I noshed on some edamame and went with a caterpillar roll and then we booked it over to the show.

Comedy Sportz is “competitive improv.” It’s really similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway – they take audience suggestions and every show is different from the last. I recognized a few of the games: “What Are You Doing?” “Da-do-run-run” “Back in My Day” and a funny variation on charades. Two of my suggestions even made it into the sketches: “Kim Kardashian” and “The human head weighs 8 lbs.” Random, but they worked. The show was entertaining and reminded me of my brother’s affinity for improv, and well, the time he got “brown-bag fouled.”

the posse. The red team were the winners of the night (and funnier than the blue team, #imho).

I high-tailed it to the gym this morning to catch up with my favorite spin instructor and work it out. I did some library-ing for a few hours after, and then made myself go shopping – I had some coupons/free gift cards to Victoria’s Secret after purchasing a bathing suit, so I got some freebies and $10 off a cool yoga top I ogled when I walked in the store from their VSX workout line.

I also popped into American Eagle because Whitney alerted me to their cute, colorful, shorts. I did the annoying girl thing and texted her for advice about which color to get.

I went with the yellow ones. And snagged the shirt too – it was on sale. I also did something out of character and ended the mall trip with a Frappuccino (Grande Mocha Light). I had a smoothie on the brain and this did the trick.

sometimes you just gotta treat yo'self.

When I got home, Jenn regaled me with stories from her family’s get-together for her Grandpa’s 82nd birthday. He is of Guatemalan and Spanish descent so I scored some sweet worry dolls…which is perfect since I have a whole slew of neuroses!

My week was a nice blend of fun, a ton of school work, and workouts. Here they are:

Monday: Pure Barre (review to follow!)
Tuesday: AM- 3 mi. run, PM – Pure Barre
Wednesday: Pure Barre
Thursday: AM- 3 mi. run, PM: Yoga
Friday: Off
Saturday: 6.2 mi run (She Runs LA 10k) (recap to follow!)
Sunday: New Rules of Lifting for Women workout 1B, Spinning

Now that my Pure Barre living social deal is over, my goal is to get back in the gym and do more spinning, body pump, and weights.

And finally, here are some links from around the web to kick off the week!

The deal behind Instagram. 

I’m 24

Can guys and girls just be friends?

-A cool event in LA today encouraged people to get out of their cars and onto their bikes.

My torts class spent an inordinate amount of time talking about whether or not manufacturer of products should be held strictly liable for injuries that result from unintended uses of their products. We looked at a bunch of pictures like this one – is this a reasonably forseeable use?

– OMG! Coachella!

– love these close-ups of my hood.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!

up in the gym just working on my fitness.

1 Apr

If you know me, you hear me talk about working out an OBNOXIOUS amount (or even if you just follow me on twitter). I didn’t always love working out (read my running story here), but for the last few years I have been a bit of an endorphin junky. I love the way I feel during and after a workout and the fact it gives me something to work on other than school or (eventually) a job.

Last week, my PT gave me to all clear to do some longer runs, and while I am super excited about getting back into running and racing, I have realized that there are some changes that need to be made in my fitness routine, and I plan to chronicle those on the blog. I also think it would be fun (let’s face it, mostly for me) for me to post my weekly workouts on Sundays. So, without further ado…

This week’s workouts:

  • Monday: 20 min Yoga for Runner’s video warm-up, 3 mile run
  • Tuesday: New Rules of Lifting for Women weight workout, Spin class.
  • Wednesday: Off
  • Thursday: 5.5 mile run outside in the morning, PM Yoga (foundations class)
  • Friday: New Rules of Lifting for Women weight workout
  • Saturday: 10.36 mile run (from the Senior’s Center in Santa Monica, up San Vicente to the Veteran’s administration and back).
  • Sunday: New Rules of Lifting for Women weight workout, spin class. PM: Restorative Yoga.
My current goal is to try and incorporate the high-intensity workouts I love (spin, running) along with things I NEED to do more (weight workouts for strength and yoga for flexibility). So far, I am happy with this plan – and the fact that it is flexible. For the last few weeks or so I’ve planned my workouts generally at the beginning of the week so I have a plan and don’t wake up each morning wondering what I should be doing.
yoga. I still have a bunch of classes left for the Groupon I bought at Yoga Poser in Santa Monica. The class I went to last Thursday was INCREDIBLE. We did so many chaturangas that my arms were actually sore after and the next day, and even though it wasn’t a Bikram class I was dripping sweat. Cute. The Sunday night class was a little less awesome. I liked the idea of “deep relaxation” and “restorative” yoga – two things I don’t really do, ever. While I was super relaxed after the class, I would rather go to bed an hour earlier than think I’m gonna get a workout in when really I just spent a bunch of time lying down in a dark room with strangers and candles.
running. It felt so great to get back out there this week. My 5.5 miler was incredible – I felt strong and FAST. The 10+ miler was great too – I ran with a friend from my marathon training group. I started feeling some dull knee pain a little over half-way through, and have had some residual soreness and pain since, so I guess I’m not all the way better just yet. I need to be more realistic about my running progress. That half marathon I was thinking about doing last minute this coming weekend? Probably not a great idea. A 10k in two weeks? Much more realistic.
spin.  Spin is *literally* a godsend. I love the high-energy workouts, the bumpin’ music, and the sweat. This is my current favorite spin song. I’d spin every day if I could, but you know, it’s intense. Twice a week is perfect.
weights. For the last month or so I’ve been following the New Rules of Lifting for Women book. The workouts are short and simple, but challenging and effective. I have DEFINITELY noticed changes in my arms and shoulders. I may not be “jacked” yet but I’m still in stage 1. 🙂
other ideas. I am trying to keep things interesting and not fall back into my rut of only running every day – so that’s where the restorative yoga came in. Tomorrow morning, Jenn and I are going to try a Pure Barre class we recently nabbed on LivingSocial. Fingers crossed I like it!
Future Fitness Goals:
  • get racing again. Duh.
  • cross train, cross train, cross train (see above)
  • incorporate rest days. If there’s a day where I just don’t feel like working out, I need to listen to that.
Long-term goals:
  • get certified to become a spin instructor
  • get jacked
  • run a marathon

Sorry I’m not sorry for the fitness overload.

What’s your favorite workout? Favorite way to crosstrain? Dígamelo!