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22 Nov

Here’s how my morning went down:

5:03 wake-up call for Back on My Feet with my Team Homeboy people.  Love them.


Yes the extra 3 minutes are a game-changer.

We met up and did our run — some of the team is already up to 3 miles! I ran with Louis (who has perfect attendance) on a challenging route in Elysian Park.

I came home and fell back asleep for two hours.  No, I am not TOTALLY lazy.  I am a law student with a flexible schedule. I have a final tonight (Trial Advocacy) and want to not be sleep deprived, so morning nap FTW!

Now, I’m captivated by a special on the History Channel about the JFK Assassination.  Today is the 50th anniversary of that date.  Even though I wasn’t alive when it happened, it is undeniably fascinating. My Dad and I were chatting about via email, and he said this:

I still remember the second-grade teacher, Mrs. Russell, a polio victim, limping into my first grade class and whispering the news in my teacher’s ear. They sent us right home.

Before I get all trial-ready and practice my closing argument again, I wanted to leave you with my favorite links from around the web this week:

* Today is the last day to sign up for the Elf 4 Health Challenge via The Lean Grean Bean! I’ll be doing it — join me!

challenge accepted.

challenge accepted.

* This post about hugging made me smile.  I’m not a huge hugger (personal space, duh), but my experience at BoMF so far has definitely made me more huggy. The video in this post is so sweet — it made me tear up. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?

*This list of How You Know You Live at the Gym (Yes, I have a favorite front desk attendant).

*This toolish prank some Harvard kids played at Yale.

*This Kimye video. (No, not Bound 2.  I have a lot of thoughts about that one). You know, this one from SNL: Waking Up with Kimye! (The bit with the Kardashians playing their favorite instruments? Amazing).

Not technically a link, but I’m reading this book  (non-affiliate link, I’m not that cool).  It’s called Pink Ribbons, Inc. and is about the idea of cause marketing and how philanthropy has turned into a profit-driving mechanism for many companies.  I’d definitely recommend it — and I just learned there’s a film version. MUST find that.

What’s your favorite find this week from the world wide web? Link me, por fa! 

Alright, I’m off to do some final prep and crush this trial.  Have a great weekend!!

[Edited to add:  I’m thinking happy thoughts for those in California awaiting bar exam results!!]

sunday funday [cliché but accurate].

15 Jul

Last time I plopped by I was recapping my epic Friday. The rest of my weekend was much more mellow  and it even included  some “spring” cleaning on Saturday.

I started this morning with a 6-mile run. Before that, though, I knew I’d need to eat a little something. I was fresh outta bananas so I decided to try the Quaker Banana Nut Bar I was sent in my VoxBox through Influenster.* I took the package’s suggestion and warmed it up for 10 seconds. It was good! Light enough to be eaten just before heading out the door for a run, but not so heavy that I felt it. The flavors were rich – it actually tasted pretty close to real banana bread, or at least wayyyy closer than a Clif Bar or something would (and Clif Bars are my bar of choice. Hah.) I liked that I could see the nut pieces on top as well.

After my run, I was off to spend the day at the Concerts in the Park  in Manhattan Beach for a little Sunday Funday with Aviva, Armita, and our friends Blake and Heather who live over there. We got there early (around 1) and staked out a spot and hung around eating and drinking the day away (mimosas, gotta #stayclassy). The music, atmosphere, and people were all awesome.

mimosas. [a little leftover champagne from blake and heather’s recent engagement party]

The motown music was awesome – we all literally danced to “Proud Mary.” The woman singing Etta James’ classic “At Last” was incredible, too. Yay for the Tom Nolan Band!

tom nolan band.

Loved today – I need to spend more time in the beach cities!

When I got home, Jenn and I grabbed dinner at local favorite, Mendocino Farms.

she loooovess her mendo.

summer cubano.

I went with the summer cubano [Slow braised carnitas, prime honey ham, Mendocino Mustard, housemade pickles, Cuban mojo sauce, crispy plantains on Dolce Forno’s soft roll]. It had me at the words “carnitas” and “crispy plantains.” I also stole a bite or two of Jenn’s orzo side salad – the curry flavors were incredible. I am definitely starting to get on board the Mendocino craze!

Before I round out the weekend with my workouts, I wanted to share some links I’ve been enjoying from around the web:

And finally, it wouldn’t be Sunday unless I shared my workouts:
  • Monday: Cardio Barre
  • Tuesday: 3 mile run (easy)
  • Wednesday: 3 mile run
  • Thursday: OFF
  • Friday: 3 mile run (treadmill) + 800 meter swim
  • Saturday: OFF
  • Sunday: 6 mile run
I am trying to get back in the swing of things to gear up for a fall marathon by running a little more, and I am trying to swim, spin, and lift at least once a week. I didn’t do amazingly well on this, but I took 2 days off which I think my body needed based on some weird foot pain (dang high heels!)
Anyone have any links to add to that list?

Does your city offer free concerts in the park?

* [Disclaimer]: While Influenster and Quaker sent me this product to review, all opinions and thoughts expressed are 100% my own.

weekend wars.

15 Apr

Hello loyal reader(s)! I can’t believe it’s already mid-April. This year is zipping along. It’s great summer is right around the corner…it’s less great that finals are even more imminent.

Keeping with the trend, here are the highlights of this last week…

Monday marked the official end of my Legal Writing class – the mandatory first-year oral argument. It was basically a glorified recitation of my brief. I did pretty well – the judge afterward told me I was “poised and articulate.” The argument was ungraded and no winner was declared, but it was still a fun exercise. Primo Coffee Roasters, Inc. (my fake client) FTW! Other Monday highlights?  I registered for NWM 13.1 in October – as a student I didn’t have to enter the lottery and was guaranteed a spot! I’m still working on getting my roommate, Jenn, to commit and I’m crossing my fingers that my mom’s number gets pulled this year!

The rest of the week was punctuated by boring classes (joinder and interpleader, products liability, yuck) and a few reminders of just how small our section of 80 can seem (high school gossip but with a bunch of type-A neurotic people can be really funny).

Friday was stormy and gloomy – so Aviva, Armita, Blake, and I camped out in the library. I study raged with Civ Pro and we took a lunch break at Simply Salad which was an excellent call. Later Armita and I indulged at The Bungalow on Larchmont by splitting a piece of incredibly rich red velvet cake.

the perfect antidote to studying. and drama.

Our nightcap? Hanging out at Armita’s apartment and watching The Silence of the Lambs. Yes, yet another film I’d yet to see in its entirety – although I had seen clips my senior year at Cal in a Media Studies class (the lecture was about voyuerism apparently and the objectification of women – I looked at my notes #nerdalert).

Saturday was a great day – I kicked it off with the She Runs LA 10k (full re-cap post to follow, just waiting on Brightroom to get its act together and post the photos). Later, I headed to the WeHo library to churn out some work and try to ignore the loud members of the public who confused the library with a karaoke bar, McDonalds playplace, or a roller coaster. I forget that public libraries are open to the public. Other FML moments included the time my dad texted me a photo from the hotel he and my mom are at in Vegas. Cool story, bro.

a snapshot from the Vdara.

Now all 3 members of my family have been to Vegas in the last month. That’s NOT okay.

While I was at the library, one of my section buddies, Eyad, messaged me and invited me to a get-together he was planning that night – dinner at Sushi Hiroba on Vine and then Comedy Sportz!  I immediately agreed to go – I grew up going to Comedy Sportz shows at this very theater, my brother was a member of his high school team, and, well, I love to laugh.

Eyad goes big with these events – there were over 20 people in our entourage – and only 4 of us from school!I noshed on some edamame and went with a caterpillar roll and then we booked it over to the show.

Comedy Sportz is “competitive improv.” It’s really similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway – they take audience suggestions and every show is different from the last. I recognized a few of the games: “What Are You Doing?” “Da-do-run-run” “Back in My Day” and a funny variation on charades. Two of my suggestions even made it into the sketches: “Kim Kardashian” and “The human head weighs 8 lbs.” Random, but they worked. The show was entertaining and reminded me of my brother’s affinity for improv, and well, the time he got “brown-bag fouled.”

the posse. The red team were the winners of the night (and funnier than the blue team, #imho).

I high-tailed it to the gym this morning to catch up with my favorite spin instructor and work it out. I did some library-ing for a few hours after, and then made myself go shopping – I had some coupons/free gift cards to Victoria’s Secret after purchasing a bathing suit, so I got some freebies and $10 off a cool yoga top I ogled when I walked in the store from their VSX workout line.

I also popped into American Eagle because Whitney alerted me to their cute, colorful, shorts. I did the annoying girl thing and texted her for advice about which color to get.

I went with the yellow ones. And snagged the shirt too – it was on sale. I also did something out of character and ended the mall trip with a Frappuccino (Grande Mocha Light). I had a smoothie on the brain and this did the trick.

sometimes you just gotta treat yo'self.

When I got home, Jenn regaled me with stories from her family’s get-together for her Grandpa’s 82nd birthday. He is of Guatemalan and Spanish descent so I scored some sweet worry dolls…which is perfect since I have a whole slew of neuroses!

My week was a nice blend of fun, a ton of school work, and workouts. Here they are:

Monday: Pure Barre (review to follow!)
Tuesday: AM- 3 mi. run, PM – Pure Barre
Wednesday: Pure Barre
Thursday: AM- 3 mi. run, PM: Yoga
Friday: Off
Saturday: 6.2 mi run (She Runs LA 10k) (recap to follow!)
Sunday: New Rules of Lifting for Women workout 1B, Spinning

Now that my Pure Barre living social deal is over, my goal is to get back in the gym and do more spinning, body pump, and weights.

And finally, here are some links from around the web to kick off the week!

The deal behind Instagram. 

I’m 24

Can guys and girls just be friends?

-A cool event in LA today encouraged people to get out of their cars and onto their bikes.

My torts class spent an inordinate amount of time talking about whether or not manufacturer of products should be held strictly liable for injuries that result from unintended uses of their products. We looked at a bunch of pictures like this one – is this a reasonably forseeable use?

– OMG! Coachella!

– love these close-ups of my hood.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and has a great week!

week in review.

8 Apr

This has been quite the week! While I delay preparing for my (ungraded) oral argument, I thought I’d prep my overview of the last week’s non-school related adventures…

On Wednesday, I hit up a great, new-to-me place in Silverlake with some law school friends for dinner: Mohawk Bend. I first heard about this place from Katherine when we met in February, and it’s been on my list of must-trys ever since. When the waiter explained they had over 30 California beers on tap, I knew I wouldn’t be let down. I was even more elated when they had my VERY favorite beer on tap – the Cheseboro IPA from Ladyface Ale Companie in Agoura Hills!


I was also feeling like indulging my IPA-obsession and selected the IPA-battered avocado and chips for my entree. Weird, but sinfully good.

taylor and aviva are clearly camera ready. oh to be friends with a blogger.

After dinner, we headed to the Silverlake Lounge for the FIRST! Comedy Show featuring a variety of comics, including Aviva’s college roommate Kyle Mizono, who I saw perform stand-up back in January at The Comedy Store and thought was hilarious. She was equally funny this time around, and I enjoyed several of the other comedians. Definitely need to keep going to shows like this. Laughing is the best.

kyle mizono.

Since we didn’t have school on Friday, Thursday afternoon called for a much-needed post-Torts beer. Blake, Armita, and I headed to LA Live and ended up grubbing at ESPN Zone. I sipped on a Hef and a chicken ceasar wrap (with a side of ceasar salad). I know, I was taking the theme pretty seriously.

makes me miss the berkeley btc days.

Friday involved malibu and mimosas and then a Passover Seder at Aviva’s. I’ve celebrated Passover a few times before (including the time freshman year of high school when I spilled my tiny glass of grape juice not once, but three separate times on my friend’s white tablecloth. Cool). I found the Afikomen which was fun, and enjoyed experiencing the Seder. But more than anything, I enjoyed the charoset.

Saturday was gorgeous out so I studied a bunch outside at a local Starbucks, and I went home post-gym on Sunday for some family time and, of course, the traditional Easter meal [sarcasm] at Natural Cafe.


Andddd in case you couldn’t get through the week without knowing my workouts, here ya go:

Monday: Pure Barre
Tuesday: Spin, NROLFW 1B
Wednesday: Pure Barre + 3 mi. run
Thursday: Yoga (Foundations taught by Lori Steele)
Friday: 5.5 mile run
Saturday: Pure Barre + 4 mi run
Sunday: Spin + NROLFW 1A

I’m happy with how my workouts went last week – mixing it up and cross-training a lot. This week I want to incorporate in more yoga and make sure I am foam rolling and stretching as much as possible. I’m obviously also hoping putting it into writing holds me accountable.

And rounding out this hodge-podge of a post, here’s some links to kick off your week.

My new role model.

3 ways to improve your workouts. (heck yes, caffeine).

A fun yet disturbing glimpse at gender discrepancies in kids’ toys.

Guess she shoulda Asked Ashley

Texts from Hillary

Tweet-up…in real life?

and this awesome Gotye remix:

Anyone have a favorite link from around the web this week?

Right now I’m catching up on Amazing Race – and Monday morning will begin with a little Pure Barre action, followed by all-day preparation for my first Oral Argument (basically a presentation of my final brief for my legal writing class).

How are you kicking off this week?

in the interim.

30 Mar

I have my last big paper for my Legal Research and Writing class due on Sunday. My writing section was randomly assigned to represent the plaintiff, a coffee company, who alleges its trade secrets have been misappropriated. The only issue we have to discuss is whether or not the recipe and customer lists are trade secrets, i.e. if they have independent economic value from being unknown to others and are the subject of reasonable efforts to maintain their secrecy. I’ll be happy when it’s over – and I have a lot to blog about once that puppy is submitted.

not my client, but i bet they have a bunch of trade secrets!

Until then, here’s some of my favorite “G” links from around the web to tide you over…

Obama’s sexy and he knows it 

This song epitomizes bubblegum pop, but it’s my current guilty pleasure. Call me, maybe?

5 Things You Should Never Do During a Workout

– My friend’s house podcast that is currently my memo-writing anthem music.

My running shoe store is Born To Run!

– Speaking of Born To Run, did you hear Caballo Blanco is missing?

Ron Swanson is the greatest character on television. and a true man.

– A new blog I’m enjoying from a runner and Lululemon ambassador.

Gotye f/ Kimbra v. Avicii – Levels That I Used to Know 

– My roommate’s new blog.

Runners in Mammoth.

That should tide you over :). And, if you’re wondering about all of the running posts, I finally got the ok from my PT to go on longer runs, and yesterday involved a 5.5 miler that felt AMAZING – no knee pain! I was also speedier than usual which was an added bonus. I’ll be back post-memo for a full fitness de-brief.

Have a great weekend! What’s your favorite link of the moment? Let me know via the comments section!