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march madness. (yes, i have resorted to cliché blog post titles).

6 Apr

Sue me?  Oh god, was that an ill-fated attempt at a legal pun?  What happened to me? I used to be think I was funny.

Anyway, I just got back from a run…and am procrastinating doing work (what else is new) so I figured why not fill my seven readers in on the latest in my life.  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Running.  Lots of it.

Marathon Spectating – FOMO hit me HARD on March 15th when I saw my mom and tons of my friends run the LA Marathon.  It was inspiring seeing so many people I know fight through the heat and set personal bests out there — and it was a fun and different perspective spectating, but I’ve already signed up for next year so that next year people hand me gummy bears and gatorade instead of the other way around.  My Dad and I went to four different spots on the course.  We started near the 5k in Little Tokyo where I saw a TON of people I know as well as a really excited old man who chanted “Si Se Puede! Si Se Puede, C’mon, C’mon, C’mon C’mon!” ad naseum for an hour, then we drove near mile 11 or so at Hollywood and Highland – I was glad to see Andres but of course he was too fast and beat us to our other spots, then mile 18 in Century City (this is the spot where I wanted to die last year), and then finally the finish to see my mom.

Immediately that day I whipped up a training plan for myself since I’m running Ojai Mountains 2 Beach at the end of May. It will be my third full mary and I’m hoping for a decent PR.  I’ve been logging more AM miles and trying to push the pace on some of my shorter runs, and have been trying to hang with the big  boys at my running group.  (And by “trying” I mean they make fun of me for being slow and getting distracted by pretty buildings).

Last weekend, I ran the Agoura Hills Great Race Cheseboro Half Marathon. I grew up running these trails, but never for time.  These were the days before Garmins and NikePlus and even social media.  Anyway, while I knew what to expect, I didn’t get myself in the right headspace to get my butt kicked by the trails and the hills.  Portions of the course were really technical and REALLY steep.  That said, it was gorgeous…just wasn’t gonna be seeing fast times or a PR.  Again, there’s that old saying “it takes a crappy run to make you appreciate the really good ones.”



While I finished in 1:47:47, my splits ranged from 6:31 to 10:59.  Not pretty.


My Dad ran the 5k and then took a selfie. Not pictured because “his colleagues will see it and it is embarrassing.”  Guess I should worry about that at some point.

Up next for me is the Hollywood Half which I decided to do in a gunner moment of…gunning?  But in all seriousness I need to redeem myself from the Cheseboro Half, and logging long run miles is SO much easier to do in a race setting than solo.

My Best Friend’s Wedding.  Also in March, my best friend, Jenn, got married!  Jenn and I were in the same sorority in college, lived together all of law school, and ended up working at the same law firm.  If you’ve read this blog even once before you’ve probably seen her around…ANYWAY.  She had a unique and playful ceremony and super fun reception at Oakmont Country Club in Glendale on Ultimate Pi Day (3.14.15).  Check out the gorgeous photos here.  It was a lot of fun and an honor getting to stand up there celebrating Jenn…and they even trusted me with a microphone to say some nice (and mildly derisive) words about Jenn and Daniel.  I also had an amazing time catching up with Kathleen and Amanda from my sorority, as well as a ton of Jenn’s friends from law school.


I also had a great time with my parents.



(This is my mom just hours before she started her first marathon #boss).

Also in March, I got to attend my friend Andres and his wife Monique’s baby shower.  It was awesome — they thought of every little detail and I got to eat the best mole sauce I will ever have in my life. Can’t wait to meet who is sure to be the coolest kid in the greater LA area.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 8.17.58 PM


I was pretty busy in March, but I think — for the most part — busy is better.  I got to work on some fun and interesting things at work.  S/o to my parents for keeping me sane in (rare?) moments of insanity and (frequent) moments of stress.

I also went to a fun Cal Alumni breakfast last week — it was cool to connect with alumni and trade stories — sometimes I forget about little things I loved about Cal living in LA, which is so UCLA/U$C dominated…so I’m going to try and go to more events like that. (Side-note: trying to keep the side-hustle/creative side of my brain working, so it’s a goal of mine to go to one non-law related networking or speaker event a month.  We’ll see how that goes).

Anyway, that’s about it for me.  Off to go review a deposition transcript, polish off my application for the RW/RR Challenge, and loudly rap Kanye to myself.  Not necessarily in that order, but more than likely.

foothill 5k challenge [race recap].

21 Sep

I’m a week behind in getting out my race recap from the Foothill 5k Challenge benefitting Back on My Feet, but I guess better late than never, right?

This was a unique event because trail races are normally longggg distances (read: 50k), so this was a fun way to get a trail run experience without being out in the sun all day.  The race started and finished at the Glendale Sports Complex, but we ran up in the foothills through some rolling hills, switchbacks, and one pretty gnarly grade.

The race kicked off around 8:20 or so.  I was a moron and went out the night before, and slept for about 2 hours before it was time to head out to the course, so my goals were anything but lofty (finishing sounded good).  I wasn’t hung over (because, tank) just wrecked.


At the start with my fellow BoMF Homeboy Industries volunteers – Phil and Brian. Phil won the thing.

At the start, we met this trail runner who had a SICK tattoo of the original Nike shoe (the Nike Cortez) engulfed in roses.  I don’t have any tats but have always sort of wanted one.  This has gotten the wheels turning…


At the start…

The race was a lot of fun and definitely made me want to get on trails more often — but I need to buy trail running shoes because I found myself having to brake SO much in order not to completely lose it on the downhill portions.

Here’s the view from the top:


I traded places with one guy the last mile or so — I’d pass him going up and he’d get me coming down.  He was so chatty afterwards and thanked me for pushing him (I returned the thanks obviously — I would have slowed down a lot without him on my tail).

I finished in about 25:50 which I was happy with it considering the difficult course and extreme heat. It felt a lot SLOWER than sub 9-minute pace so I’ll take it.

I was 17th place overall I believe and was the second woman, so I scored a Run With Us gift card and a free month to Yogaworks! I need to make those things happen.


There was a strong showing from #DTLARunning, as well as my eyelids. My buddy Andres crushed it, clearly an indication of the PRs he is about to smash this fall racing season…

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 8.31.35 PMIt was a great event and I loved being out there supporting an organization that is so close to my heart.

Tell me:

Have you done a trail race? Where? Distance? Tips for trail running newbies?

Is there an organization you support? Tell me about it! 



coachella for runners [Ragnar SoCal Recap]

7 Apr

Warning:  This post is going to be DOOZY.  But bear with me, it’s a good one.

This last weekend, I had the privilege to race Ragnar SoCal with Team Dirrty Dozen.  I had always wanted to do a Ragnar, but was put off by the insane amount of organization that would be required.  Luckily, my friend Melissa contacted me a few months ago about filling a spot on a team of women who met at FitBloggin’ and I jumped at the chance.

Our team consisted of 12 women, 6 in each van.  Here’s the breakdown of team Dirrty Dozen:

Van 1

Van 2

We all met up on Thursday night for a team dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory.  I drove home to DTLA, and set my alarm for 4:10 am to meet up with the team the next morning.  It was an early morning, but I was excited!

The race started in Huntington Beach, and we finished in downtown San Diego.  20 teams or so started every 15 minutes.  Our start time was 6:45 a.m. on Friday, so we got to the start about an hour before hand for a safety check and registration. And of course, team photos.

I love Huntington Beach — I had a fun 13.1 there last year, and my good friends Heather and Blake got married there as well (in HB, not at the half marathon).  I’ve also spent a couple of 4th of Julys there.  Fun way to start the weekend!

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 8.54.12 AM

Jenica, Debbie, Jillienne, Me, Lizzie, Jamie, Amy, Kathleen, Kia, Jill, and Carrie 🙂


My friend Andres (from my DTLA Running Group and BoMF) was running on a different team — the awesomely named “Ragnafarians.”  We bumped into them many times throughout the weekend.  I was so impressed by their attention to detail with their theme.

IMG_6320After a good amount of time goofing around, it was 6:45 and Lizzie began her first leg along the bike bath in Huntington Beach. She ran even splits and seemed relaxed.  Our first legs took us from HB to Irvine — Jenica ran through Chapman University’s campus, Jillienne’s exchange was at Angels Stadium, and I picked up the slap bracelet baton from Amy in Tustin.

My first leg was 9 miles through the city of Tustin to Orange County’s Great Park in Irvine.  Although I’m no OC native, I know the Great Park well because I ran the Color Run there two years ago (with my friend Riley!) My first leg was hot and slightly uphill most of the way.

Although it wasn’t the most scenic of routes — mostly residential with some strip malls — I had a great time.  The roads are not closed for Ragnar events, meaning that we often got stopped at stop lights.  While it was sometimes annoying, I enjoyed the ability to interact and chat with other runners.  I went out a little fast, but had my total pace come in at 7:22/mile.

In Ragnar parlance, “kills” are the number of people you pass each leg. My first leg had a  kill count of 42. IMG_6334

Shout out to Thirty 48 for saving my feet and calves in the first two legs!

I handed off the slap bracelet to the speedy and inspiring Jamie, who began the first round of runs for Van 2. The first “major exchange” was quite a spectacle – tons of vendors and people milling around looking for their runner or runners looking for their teams.


After I cleaned myself off to the best of my ability (dry shampoo and Action wipes FTW), we refueled with Quest Bars that Jillienne picked up from Nutri Shop Pasadena.  SO good.  IMG_6332We drove out to Dana Point where we’d exchange with Van 2 again in a few hours.  But first, we rehydrated and refueled with some pizza and beer.


I fell in love with Dana Point…


…and it was at this major exchange where I dubbed Ragnar “Coachella for Runners.”  Tons of people were using this idle time between the exchanges as a chance to sleep (in sleeping backs on the grass).  Others were eating, drinking coffee, foam-rolling and tiger-tailing. The rest were marking vans with innuendo-filled sayings, or of course, chatting about running.  It was so awesome being surrounded by hundreds of people who are as obsessed with the sport as I am, and it reminded me why I love it so much.

IMG_6338I also ran into my Back on My Feet buddies in Dana Point.  I would have been on their team if Dirrty Dozen hadn’t nabbed me first, so I was glad I got to spend some time with them.

10175009_1436133303294518_354201808_n-1After a few hours, it was time for Lizzie to start her second leg.  It was awesome that she and Andres (from the Ragnafarians) were waiting in the hand-off zone together!

IMG_6347Can we just appreciate Dana Point for a hot sec?


Lizzie’s leg was challenging — the sun set right as she started, and she had 12 miles to cover in the dark with no van support of any kind.  She got an awesome pint glass for finishing it though, I am still jealous.

Ragnar rules require that between the hours of 6:30 pm and 6:30 am, all runners have to wear a reflective vest, a head lamp, and a tail light.  Jillienne and I sported our matching Halo Belts.  Neither of us even noticed them while we were running – and they looked cool.

IMG_6351My second leg was a 2.7 miler through Oceanside down to the pier. It was short and mostly downhill, but the challenging aspect was that it was as at 1:20 am.  I wanted to get it done as quickly as possible, so my van could eat and rest.  My first mile was 6:30 (whoops), but I held on and finished the whole thing with an average pace of 6:47.  I am SO not in 5k shape and this was a challenge — but it was so fun.  I blasted my obnoxious music and was reminded of just how much I love the sport. (Yes, running is a sport). Total kills = 21. IMG_6360My teammates were also crazy supportive and put up with my goofiness.  They also all think I’m some crazy speed demon (ha!).


We high-tailed it out of Oceanside and headed to the next major exchange (in Carlsbad).  But first, we got food at the only option — McDonald’s.  We all laughed when in the woman in the drive through urged us to enjoy the rest of our day.  Which day?? One double cheeseburger later and we all got to pass out for the “night.”  2 hours of sleep in a van? #winning.

I LOVED all of the vans with witty sayings. IMG_6368

Lizzie’s third leg began before 6 in Carlsbad.  She had the most mileage, but arguably the sickest views. IMG_6367Our team killed hills and meandered through cute beach towns of Northern San Diego County.  Around 10:15 am, Amy finished her last leg and “slapped” me.


I set off for an easy and relaxed 4+ miler through Torrey Pines into La Jolla.  My first time miles were pretty hilly, so I kept it controlled by enjoying the scenery and trying to perfect the art of the runner selfie. IMG_6384I wanted to NOT go out too fast for once, so I actually sang out loud a little bit to try and keep my pace under control.  It worked!


This was my favorite leg by far. It was so beautiful, the weather was gorgeous, and I wasn’t killing myself.  I “killed” 17 people. My favorite part was passing a group of 3 athletic looking dudes — who I am sure though “who does this chick think she is?”  One of them passed me again but only for a few strides. HAH. IMG_6393


I slapped Jamie and she was off!  My splits were uneven due to the hills — 8:08, 9:24, 7:43, 7:10 but it felt incredible.  And I was done! IMG_6398

We all snapped some photos as Van 2’s runners set off.





Jillienne, Me, Amy, Lizzie, Kia, and Jenica

We enjoyed a nice brunch at Cody’s in La Jolla before heading down to DT SD to wait for Van 2’s runners to come in.  It was SO amazing to have real food.


We mozeyed down to San Diego.  We met up with the Ragnafarians yet again (I stole a piece of pizza from them – thanks guys!) and tried to avoid falling asleep standing up.

IMG_6402Wasn’t too hard when this was the view…

IMG_6404After a little while, Runner #12, Debbie, came toward the finish.  Ragnar culture dictates, though, that the whole team crosses the line together.  The only problem? Debbie beat Van 2 to the finish!  After maybe 20 minutes or so they appeared, and we all crossed together. (This was about 4pm on Saturday.  You can do the math time wise).

Any race that has a bottle opener for a medal gets two thumbs up from me.


We posed for pictures, talked about the race, and then slowly said our goodbyes before going our separate ways.



It was an incredible weekend and an inspiring one.  I’m not going to lie, I was skeptical about whether or not I would like Ragnar (let alone doing it with strangers!)  I thought “Why would I run 16 miles over 22 hours when I could do that in a little over 2 hours?”  The added challenges of no sleep, weird times, and weird nutrition made it a unique race.  Additionally, it didn’t feel like running one 16 mile race — I felt like I ran 9 miles, a 5k, and then a 4 mile fun run.

I would totally do another Ragnar and am already trying to coerce my best friend to do a team with me one day. It was crazy, but just the right amount of crazy!

  • What’s your favorite race you’ve ever done?
  • Are you a Ragnarian?
  • Did you log some miles this weekend? Where? 





Halo Belt Review + Runner Safety

11 Mar

I run in the dark frequently — most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with Back on My Feet, and every Tuesday night with my running group.  I’m normally pretty good about safety – I never run alone at night, don’t listen to music, and pay attention to my surroundings.  That being said,  I don’t carry a light, and many of the routes aren’t well lit.  I was so excited when Halo Belt approached me about checking out their product because I knew I could use it.

Halo Belt is a LED light that you simply strap around your waist, press a button, and it illuminates.  You can either set it so it is constantly on, or give it a strobe light effect.  I busted it out recently on a run with Back on My Feet.  While some of my teammates asked if I was going to a nightclub, it came in handy when a car whipped out of nowhere.  I am convinced that the car saw us and slowed more quickly because I was wearing the light.


glow in the dark selfie!

I like how easy the strap is to use, and that you can choose whether to have the light face the front or back.


Credit: Halo Belt

You can also clip an iPod to it easily — I didn’t do this because I was running the dark/with people, but this could come in handy in the future.  The belt is also adjustable and you can easily tighten it to ensure that it does not ride up.

HALO Jog 3s

Credit: Halo Belt

I wish the belt had a tiny pocket (sort of like SPI-belt) so that I could stash a key and my ID/credit cards for night running (and to facilitate going to the beer post run).  I think that would really enhance the functionality of the belt.  Overall though, I really liked the product and plan to use it in the future for night (and early morning) runs!   I’d definitely rather wear this cool belt than a weird headlamp or something.

What do you do to make sure you’re safe when you run?

{DISCLAIMER: Halo Belt sent me a Halo Belt to use and review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.}

LA Marathon.

10 Mar

Yesterday I ran my second full marathon – the Asics LA Marathon.  This race has special significance to me (I’m from LA, duh).  It was a challenge and tested me, but it was a great day.  I PR’d by over 5 minutes with a time of 3:44:01.


But first let me re-cap the race.  The LA Marathon, to me, has always been “the” marathon I wanted to conquer.  I remember seeing finishers as a little girl randomly on a marathon Sunday, and being stunned by the fact these ordinary people had run 26.2 freakin’ miles. I trained for the 2012 LA Marathon but got a DNS due to IT band issues.  I was able to catch my Dad for miles 15-18 – an amazing and emotional experience for me.

This year, I was determined to complete the LA Marathon.  I trained smarter than I ever have — yoga once a week, cross-training, more longer runs, etc.  I tried to race smarter too – not going out too fast, hydrating aggressively, and being more cautious about my nutrition.  My ultimate goal was to BQ (3:34:59).  If not, I wanted to break 3:40.  If I couldn’t do that, I’d be happy with sub 3:45, or a PR, or just to finish the race.

I did not qualify for Boston.  I did not go sub 3:40.  But I am really happy with my performance — the last 8 miles were in 80 degree weather with very little shade.  I didn’t “bonk” in the sense where I didn’t feel like my body went into glycogen debt, but the heat got me in those later miles, forcing walk breaks which brought my 8:13 pace down closer to 9:00.

The morning began when my alarm went off at 4 am.  Due to lovely DST, that was really like 3 am because we lost an hour.  Cool.  I headed over to Echo Park (after Tiger Balming and taping my feet, eating oatmeal, sipping coffee, and getting my shit together) to pick up my friend Andres, and his friend Andres. (Not making this up).  We got to Dodger Stadium at 5:15 and parked.

We spent the next couple of hours waiting in line for the bathroom, enjoying Dodger Stadium, and hanging with other members of our DTLA Running Group.  It was so nice being with people before hand – it definitely helped settle my nerves.

Me and Kendra before the start.

Me and Kendra before the start. (photo credit:

The sunrise looked like this.  LA is the best.


I got into my corral (B) at 7:00 for a 7:25 start.  The kid who sang the national anthem struggled.

I was much closer to the front, but I wanted to share a photo from my friend Andres so you can get an idea of how massive the field was (>25,000 people!).


The first few miles were great — we cruised out of Dodger Stadium, into Chinatown, and through DTLA and Little Tokyo.  These are the streets I train on, and I was so happy to be starting, enjoying the sites and the morning that I didn’t even feel the first big hill (up from Little Tokyo to the Walt Disney Concert Hall).  I saw my parents in the 2nd mile which was a great kick-off to the morning.

My mom takes marathon spectating seriously.  (Payback is gonna be intense when she joins the 26.2 club!!)  Just gotta figure out who her doppelganger is (see sign in Century City).


I saw Jinouth, a friend of mine from LLS at the top of the big hill in DTLA which was an awesome little boost as well!

Leaving DTLA was a little bit of a drag because I knew it’d be a few miles before I saw anything I considered scenic (except for Echo Park Lake).  I really enjoyed seeing all of the signs and spectators out there — there were some great ones.  Some of my favs from the day:

  • Run if you can, Walk if you Must, but finish for Boston
  • May the Course Be With You
  • Worst Parade Ever
  • Touch Here for Power!
  • Fuck the Time Change
  • Is Gu Paleo?
  • If this were easy, it’d be called Your Mom
  • Toenails are for Sissies
  • Running is Gangster
  • You’re Running Faster than LA Traffic
  • I don’t always orgasm out loud, but when I do I’m foam rolling

I trekked along Sunset through Echo Park, Silver Lake, and East Hollywood.  I felt good and was probably clocking 8:00 average miles, maybe a little faster.  I saw my parents again at Hollywood and Highland.


I was feeling great and really enjoying the morning at this point!


I got to see Aviva at the half-way mark in West Hollywood (as well as her friend Kyle).  She had a cute sign and they were jumping up and down, cheering, and wearing Mardi Gras beads.  Entering WeHo was fun.  I used to live there, so I was familiar with the route.  I knew I had friends and family up ahead, and I was familiar with miles 15-18 because I had run them two years before with my Dad.

I saw my friend Bryan at mile 15 and YELLED his name because he was far away and wasn’t paying attention. Typical.  I fussed around trying to open a shot blok pack most of that mile, and spotted Tiffany (Running Hutch) before making the left onto Doheny.

My roommate Jenn was at Doheny and Beverly — so great seeing her as I headed into Beverly Hills (the stretch on Burton Way is NOT my favorite – sort of a snoozefest and reminded me of San Vicente…ick).

I saw the parentals again as I headed into Century City.  I chuckled at my mom’s “doppelganger” sign.  She made one for my Dad two years ago, indicating that he was Bob Costas. (They look a lot alike).  Here’s the one she made for me:


Lauren Conrad does, however, have a multi-million empire and three different multi-million dollar homes.  And a rockstar fiancé.  So there’s that.

Around Mile 19 it started to get really hot. and boring.  The remainder of Century City is devoid of any cool landmarks, and then we headed into the Veterans Administration which lasts forever and was HOT.  In mile 19, I started walking through water stations, drinking a gatorade and a water and pouring water on my head. When I was running, I was still maintaining 8:15ish pace, but my overall pace slowed because I had to walk a little those last few miles.

When I came out of the VA 10 hours later, I thought it would be smooth sailing — but I forgot that San Vicente is long and sort of boring.  Luckily, I spotted my friend Franny after mile 22. She was jumping and screaming and it was so great getting 1/100th of her energy.

photo from Franny at mile 22

photo from Franny at mile 22

Doesn’t this picture just LOOK like it’s hot out? I also loved the Lululemon cheering station.  I saw my friend Dani and she was so excited — I wish the whole course was lined with Lululemon cheerers!

Side-note: Thank GOD for Thirty48.  No blisters on my feet and no charley horses. I felt a TINY twinge at mile 19 and never again.

I mozeyed my way down San Vicente. I saw my Back on My Feet peeps at 23.5 — I was really feeling it and yelled “I need some love, guys!!”  My friend Kim made a sign for me and I saw ons of our Res members, Gordy.  I almost asked him to run with me, but I couldn’t get the words out.  I also ran into a woman from my spin class out there — it was so great having so many supporters!!

After what felt like an eternity, I crossed mile 25, determined that the walk breaks were over and I ran the entire last mile at about an 8 minute pace.  The final stretch lasted FOREVER and I crossed at 3:44:01, 8:33 average pace, and 26.4 on my Garmin.  I still have a ways to go, but I’m happy with my performance!

I walked over to 3rd and Broadway and met up with my parents who drove me back to my car at Dodger Stadium.  It was a struggle to walk and I was cranky.

photo (3)

Later in the day yesterday I met up with some DTLA running peeps for beer and grub at our usual post-run spot, Big Wangs.  I beer’d and burger’d.


Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 8.57.00 AM

photo credit:



It was so nice sharing stories and trading experiences from yesterday, even if my lower body is completely immobile and my face is sunburned, even with a hat and sunscreen.

I had a great experience with the LA Marathon and am so happy to have accomplished it.  I am so grateful for all of your support and learned a lot that I will carry with me the next time I do one of these crazy things!

Check back soon for a break down of the expo!

Did you run LA? How’d it go for you?  

Favorite part of the day for anyone — runners, spectators, etc.? 

love you long (run) time.

12 Feb

Please accept my sincere apologies with the sporadic blogging.  I’ve been busy — but mostly I’ve been absent because my computer died on Sunday night.  I should have known better to try and install OS X.  No worries, Old Faithful will be back in my hands tomorrow.

Since I last posted, I have logged two long runs — I did 14 miles last Monday morning, and 20 this Monday, and both were fantastic.  I wanted to share a few aspects of what made them so great.

First, I love running on Monday mornings.  For me, it is mentally easier to kick off the week with a long run, rather than have it looming over me all week.  Also, it’s nice to be able to stay up later drink more IPAs on Friday and Saturday nights.

I also realized that NOT doing a straight out-and back run helps immensely.  For my 14-miler,  I ran 8.5 miles out along Wilshire, came back 5.5, and then hopped on the metro the last 3.  It was so much more entertaining because I had that many more new, fun things to keep me entertained.

A little bit after mile 6 I stopped at LACMA’s Urban Light exhibit…

IMG_5780… and then cruised through the infamous Rodeo Drive a few miles later…


My turn around point was Wilshire and Santa Monica, where I snapped this pic: IMG_5790This run was relaxed and relatively speedy — I felt fine and could have kept going.  When I stopped at Mile 14, I hit up a 7-11 for a big bottle of water before hopping on the metro to take me from K-Town back to DTLA. 

I carried what I’ve been learning from these training runs into my 20 miler this week.  I mapped out a 20 mile route that my #DTLARunning group had done a couple of weeks ago.  Luckily,  my mom had the morning free and was going to be in LA, and offered to give me a ride from Santa Monica when I finished back to my apartment so I could shower and get ready for my 1:10 p.m. class.  I started downtown around 7:15 and took my time.  Most of the morning was spent along Sunset and Hollywood Blvd., and then I took Wilshire through Beverly Hills and Westwood, crossed the 405, and ended up in Brentwood for a few miles before ending up in Santa Monica (Wilshire and 26th).

I packed Clif Bloks (in Margarita flavor, duh) and took 3 of them every 5 miles (I took the last 3 at mile 18).

Surprisingly, my favorite place to run was in Hollywood, on Hollywood.   There was NO ONE on the street or the sidewalk at that hour, and I occupied myself reading all of the different names on the stars I passed.   I took this shot around mile 9:


At Mile 10, I found a 7-11, bought a water,  fiddled with my iPhone, and took some Clif Bloks before I headed back out.

I cruised along and took water around mile 14 again at some drinking fountains in Beverly Hills.


The run just sort of zipped along — it did NOT feel like I had spent about 2 hours and 40 minutes running.  As my run started clipping into the ‘teens, I kept thinking — there’s no way this is mile 16, maybe I’m only at mile 6?  And then I realized that I was in Westwood which is WAY more than 6 miles from DTLA.

I was surprised at how great I felt.  The combination of dressing smartly, taking a couple of salt pills, wearing Thirty48 socks and compression sleeves (love!) and being smart about fueling made this a great and enjoyable run.

I was also impressed by my pace — I kept an 8:13 average for the first 10 and a 7:57 average for the second 10.   Negative splits are HUGE for me and would be amazing to accomplish on marathon day — so I like the idea of starting out slow, warming up, and easing into BQ pace.  At the end, I felt tired (duh!) but not SUPER fatigued.  I felt sore, but not debilitated.  And I felt like I could have kept going, if I had to.


I am pumped about where I’m at with my training and I’m looking forward to March 9th! From here on out it’s focusing on maintenance, injury prevention (read: yoga on yoga on yoga) and making sure I’m good to go for race day.

[Thanks again for being my shuttle, mom!]

When’s your next race?

Do you have any training strategies? 

there’s a new player in the sock game [Thirty48 review].

24 Jan

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As a long-distance runner, I’m prone to blisters, calluses, and other weird #runnerproblems.  (I mayyyy have lost 2 toenails a month after running my first full marathon.  TMI?  Thought so).

Anyway, I was really excited to hear about a new sock (and compression sleeve) brand called Thirty48. I initially heard about them because my friend Kristina is a brand ambassador for them (she’s also in this video –>)


I also like how they named the brand — “There are 30.48 centimeters for every foot.  And for every foot, there is Thirty48.” Someone’s clever over there…

I recently signed up to be part of a focus group for them, and they sent me a pair of running socks to review. I was impressed by how “high-tech” they looked when they arrived, and I also like their “sock geeks” mantra.

photo 1 (8)

I didn’t love a couple of things about the packaging.  First, I thought that the “Ru” logo was a little bit confusing — I see what they were going with, but I thought it was a little prominent since the name of the brand is not “Ru” but is “Thirty48.”  I like the science theme, though.

I also had to work to find out what size the socks were — on the back of the packaging there was a chart that then sent you to count the number of squares on the heel of the sock to tell you your size.  That’s a lot of trouble to go to to figure out if these are going to fit me or not.

I put them on and instantly felt like these socks were an upgrade over what I usually wear (normally Saucony socks, sometimes Injinji toe socks).  They are form-fitted, and there is a left and a right sock so the support is optimized.  My arch-less feet dug that.

photo 2 (6)

I dove right in and tried out Thirty48 for a total of 15 miles last Friday.  Although my sports bra chafed my right side pretty raw, I did not have even the smallest formation of a blister after that sweatfest, and my feet felt good.  I really liked that aspect of these socks.

photo 4 (4)

I wore them again for my run on Tuesday with my DTLA Running Group and they felt cozy, structured, and supportive during my 6.5 mile run.

I’d like to try their compression sleeves and see how they compare to Zensah and ProCompression.

Do you have a go-to sock or compression brand? Please let me know!