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the best weekend in the bay

26 Oct

I spent last weekend in the bay area, and if you follow me on social media, you probably saw me use the hashtag #bestweekendever a few times.  Well, it was. When you combine all of my favorite things and many of my favorite people, it’s bound to be memorable.  Here’s all of the fun things I crammed in:

To maximize time in SF, my friend/former roommate/coworker/sorority “sister” Jenn and I flew up EARLY Friday morning so we could work out of our firm’s SF office.  We took a lyft from my apartment at 4:45 and got to LAX with PLENTY of time for our flight.  We chatted the whole way and were ready to hit the ground running when we landed.  Jenn joked that the commute from LA to SF was shorter than her commute from where she lives to her office in LA – sad, but true.


We did some work, and popped over to a local mexican food place for lunch.  This was the view from the guest office where I planted myself on Friday.


I am such a sucker for a pretty view.

After we wrapped things up, we met some of our friends from our sorority at Local Edition on Market Street.  Our friends Megan, Kathleen, and Michelle joined us — as well as Michelle’s boyfriend and Jenn’s fiancé who also flew up for the weekend from LA.  Old friends + IPAs + SF + a race on the horizon = Gillian in her element.


We shared old embarrassing stories (mostly about them, I never do anything embarrassing) and caught up.  It was so nice and I need to make the LAX –> SFO jaunt a routine. We also went out to dinner at a place whose name escapes me (hello sleep deprivation and IPA haze).  Afterwards, I spent the night at Kathleen’s apartment in NoPa (two blocks from Alamo Square — you know, where the Painted Ladies are — aka the Full House houses).

Reasons I am the worst guest ever: at 6:30 AM, my alarm went off so I could be in Union Square for a shake-out run #NikeLA invited me to.  I am so glad I went.

After waiting in line for a little bit, we got to hear Nike greats Shalane Flanagan and Joan Benoit Samuelson offer tips about race day.  The common themes were to run your  own race, trust your training, and to do nothing new on race day.


Afterward, we headed out for a 2 mile shake-out run.  Nothing but silence and chills as I ran with these amazing Olympians.


Rosa and I took a mid-run selfie – there’s Shalane!


After the race, our group of “Nike VIPs” headed out to a private location for brunch!

I realize I never gave the full low-down on how I got involved with #NikeTrackClub: Over the summer, I got a twitter DM from the @NikeLA twitter account, asking if I’d be interested in running the Nike Women’s Marathon on Nike. UM YES I WOULD.  I went to a training party/kick-off at the Nike Track Club/Finish Line Del Amo store in Torrance one night as a “study break” before the bar exam and met these girls and got amped for the race.   Over the course of the training, Nike sent us gear and positive vibes for the race.  The brunch was an amazing final send-off.

Nike Track Club is a partnership between Finish Line and Nike, and these stores are beautiful — they have all of the latest running gear as well as running clubs and events. I wish the Torrance location wasn’t so far from DTLA or I’d probably be there all the time.


We headed to the Dirty Habit for a seated multi-course brunch.


Busted doing the Instagram thing.

At our tables were our bibs and race packets, the Nike Women’s singlet, Nike socks, a gorgeous overnight bag, and this jacket which is now my favorite thing to wear.  On our way out, we also got portable phone chargers — the perfect gift for runners with social media problems. 10606253_10103586341998693_369488509352489402_n

(Again, the fact that I was at an event as a Nike VIP blows my mind).

After brunch, I headed back to Kathleen’s and got ready to BART over to the East Bay to head to Berkeley for the Cal/UCLA game.

Before heading onto BART, Kathleen introduced me to the wonder of Philz coffee. I am a self-proclaimed Blue Bottle fiend, but Philz was pretty amazing. I let Kathleen select her usual (Jacob’s Wonderbar with medium milk and sugar) and it was one of the best cups of coffee I have ever had).

We took BART to West Oakland where we met up with my Uncle Casey and my Dad who were also going to the game with us (s/o to my aunt Melinda for giving us a ride to Berkeley!) My Dad has not been to a Cal game since he was a sophomore in college (at USC) and came up for the “weekender.” (Pretty sure only USC calls it that, at Cal away games are just “away games.”)  My mom opted not to come to the game, so instead she ran 7 miles around Lake Merritt. #boss.

Our first stop was the obvious Henry’s. Pitchers of Racer 5 for everyone!! (Well, at least for the people in my immediate vicinity or those who have a refined taste in beer).

My Dad was hesitant about coming up for the weekend at first, but I am pretty sure the Henry’s experience changed his mind.  We’re planning on making it to an SC game later this season but I am not sure how anything can top this.


Here’s a photo my Dad and I *both* posted on Instagram.  My Dad is trying to coax my Uncle into joining some form of social media, but he reads my blog which is probably all you really need.  10659236_10103587784423063_5245975484230125776_n

We drank, recapped the last night, and looked for people we know. I ran into BOTH of my little sisses from my sorority (so awesome).  It is weirding me out that we are now those old alums who comes back and say things like “WHAT!! This wasn’t here?!” and “Yeah, our two favorite bars from back in the day don’t exist anymore.” (RIP Raleigh’s and the Bear’s Lair).


Me (probably blinking), Jenn, and Kathleen.

I ran into my good friend Bryan’s sister, Rachel.  Rachel has lived down the street from me almost my entire life, so it was awesome seeing her randomly!


After the beer, we made it to the game!  It was a nerve-wracking and close game, but in the end Cal couldn’t get its act together in the 4th quarter and we lost.


After the game, my Dad, Uncle, and I headed over to Clark Kerr for a BBQ put on by the players’ families. My uncle is family friends with #38  so we had a beer with him and his family and friends before heading back to Oakland.

My aunt and uncle cooked a delicious meal for me and my parents, and I drank a ton of water in an attempt to undue the stadium food and beer I’d fueled with all day. The remainder of the weekend was spent at the race and driving back home with my parents.

All in all, this was an amazingly memorable weekend and a reminder that I need to make it up to the bay area more often 🙂

What three things make up a perfect weekend for you? 

In no particular order…

1. A race

2. Some event involving beer

3. Family and Friends

Halo Belt Review + Runner Safety

11 Mar

I run in the dark frequently — most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with Back on My Feet, and every Tuesday night with my running group.  I’m normally pretty good about safety – I never run alone at night, don’t listen to music, and pay attention to my surroundings.  That being said,  I don’t carry a light, and many of the routes aren’t well lit.  I was so excited when Halo Belt approached me about checking out their product because I knew I could use it.

Halo Belt is a LED light that you simply strap around your waist, press a button, and it illuminates.  You can either set it so it is constantly on, or give it a strobe light effect.  I busted it out recently on a run with Back on My Feet.  While some of my teammates asked if I was going to a nightclub, it came in handy when a car whipped out of nowhere.  I am convinced that the car saw us and slowed more quickly because I was wearing the light.


glow in the dark selfie!

I like how easy the strap is to use, and that you can choose whether to have the light face the front or back.


Credit: Halo Belt

You can also clip an iPod to it easily — I didn’t do this because I was running the dark/with people, but this could come in handy in the future.  The belt is also adjustable and you can easily tighten it to ensure that it does not ride up.

HALO Jog 3s

Credit: Halo Belt

I wish the belt had a tiny pocket (sort of like SPI-belt) so that I could stash a key and my ID/credit cards for night running (and to facilitate going to the beer post run).  I think that would really enhance the functionality of the belt.  Overall though, I really liked the product and plan to use it in the future for night (and early morning) runs!   I’d definitely rather wear this cool belt than a weird headlamp or something.

What do you do to make sure you’re safe when you run?

{DISCLAIMER: Halo Belt sent me a Halo Belt to use and review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.}

new year’s in SF

9 Jan

I spent New Year’s in the Bay Area and had a great time — so I thought I’d share some highlights from the trip.

My parents and I drove up together last Monday and arrived at my Aunt and Uncle’s home in Oakland.  We first did a 3-mile walk around Lake Merritt.


Fun fact: Lake Merritt was one of the first “runs” I ever did, approximately 12-13 years ago.  I remember being so proud of myself for running THREE whole miles.


That same night, I took BART into the Mission district of SF to meet my roommates from when I lived in Madrid for dinner!  Kerren lives in the Palo Alto area, Federica was visiting from Italy, and Alia is an SF local.


Kerren, Federica, me, and Alia.

We had a great time chatting (all in Spanish!) and diving into some great Italian food at Beretta!

I would absolutely recommend both items I tried: the bruschetta made with walnut bread and mushroom truffle honey, and the squid ink and calamari risotto.

Franny also joined us. Kerren and Alia knew her in college at UC Davis, and I got to know her when I lived in Madrid (she was in Granada but visited us a few times).  IMG_5430

I took BART back to the East Bay that night.  On New Year’s Eve morning,  my family and I went to Redwood Regional Park. It worked out perfectly so while they walked 2 miles, I ran 4.  My mom nabbed this photo for me.  I was feelin’ those hills!

photo (6)

I loved the park — but there were so many darn off-leash dogs! 


After we exercised, we headed to a German restaurant called Brotzeit. German food and beer transported me right back to Vienna, where I spent a week in March 2013. IMG_5450IMG_5448

No trip to the Bay would be complete without Blue Bottle.


That evening, my uncle was nice enough to give me a lift over to SF, where I celebrated 2014 with two of my best friends from college — Kathleen and Michelle.

We had a table reserved at a fun wine bar in the Marina/Cow Hollow area called Cellar Door. It was nice, festive, and low-key — and since wine has never been my drink of choice, I knew I would not start 2014 feeling like death.


I crashed on Kathleen’s couch and woke up for a New Year’s Day 5-miler.  Hard to beat this view: IMG_5476

I also caught a glimpse of Alcatraz from the Lyon Steps.


Later that morning, I joined Kathleen (and her boyfriend, Miles) and Michelle and a few other of their SF friends for brunch at The Corner Store. Everything was delicious — but that biscuit breakfast sando was the best. IMG_5491Later that day, Michelle and I hit up the Soul-Cycle on Union St.  It was a great class — and I joked that it wouldn’t be a holiday if I didn’t pull a two-a-day! 


IMG_5485I spent that night at Michelle’s — we enjoyed a Mexican feast at Uno Dos Taco on Polk Street and caught up.

I took BART to OAK the next morning (my parents had driven home a day and a half earlier).

It was a fabulous trip and made me so thankful and appreciative of my friendships with my college girlfriends that have remained strong — despite the distance!

How did you ring in 2014?  

Did you get in a New Year’s Day sweat sesh? 

2012 remixed.

31 Dec

If you haven’t been able to tell by reading this blog, I love traditions. One thing I have done on this blog for awhile now is to recap my year via songs. [Check out 2010 and 2011 here!] I love music and I think it’s a great way to reminisce on the past year – plus I like re-reading these posts to remember everything that happened in that year! Before you check out my 2012 song selections, you should listen to DJ Earworm’s 2012 mash-up. Here’s mine:

January – Calvin Harris Feel So Close

I picked this song because it reminds me of the best winter break ever – where I checked out a ton of new restaurants, went on a bunch of LA hikes, went out, and explored LA. In January I also started second semester and reunited with some of my favorite AXOs,  celebrated my birthday with a dinner + drinks, and ran a half-marathon with one of my best law school friends, Blake, at the Rose Bowl, and battled running injuries off and on.

loving LA.

loving LA.

i'm not that old but i'm not that young.

i’m not that old but i’m not that young.

February  – Big Sean f/ Nicki Minaj – Dance

In February, I met my first real blog friend in person (Katherine of Left Coast Contessa). I also became re-obsessed with spin (indoor cycling) after almost a YEAR away and spent more time in the gym. Other than that, February was a pretty low-key month. I was briefly obsessed with this song due to the part when Nicki Minaj says “Islands of Waikikiiiiiiiiii.” I annoyed everyone repeating that for a few weeks.

view from my gym's parking lot.

view from my gym’s parking lot.

March – Flo Rida f/ Sia – Wild Ones

In March, I took a torts midterm, headed to Palm Springs with Whitney, Matt, and Jenn, and was able to fight off a knee injury to run three miles with my Dad during his marathon. During March I also went to my first Kings game, headed home to celebrate my brother’s 21st birthday, and studied a good amount.


palm springs bound.

palm springs bound.

April – Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know (FatRat remix)

April was a pretty intense school month – I had a lot of assignments due and geared up for finals. I had a beach day with my law school bests, went to a couple of comedy shows, had an oral argument, and lived vicariously through my parents’ trip to Vegas. I also did the She Runs LA 10k, tried Pure Barre, and did  The Color Run with my friend Riley. At the end of the month I went to a  Bruce Springsteen concert!

blake, armita, me, and taylor all pretending we like each other. (aviva was our photographer.)

blake, armita, me, and taylor all pretending we like each other. (aviva was our photographer.)

post she runs la 10k.

post she runs la 10k.

post color run.

post color run.

baby we were born to run.

baby we were born to run.

May – The Naked & Famous – Young Blood (Tiësto & Hardwell Remix)

Like any month where finals occur, the majority of it is spent studying. I spent the first 2+ weeks studying for and taking my finals, punctuated by small study breaks with my law school budz – like the time we celebrated Cinco Day Drinko instead of studying for Torts. In May I officially FINISHED 1L buttttt then immediately spent a week on the write-on competition to join a law review or a journal.  I finally kick-started summer with kayaking with my mom, a hike with Taylor, and some solid vedge-time. I also discovered my love for SoulCycle in May.

Cinco Day Drinko

Cinco Day Drinko

law school bests celebrating the end of the year.

law school bests celebrating the end of the year.

kayaking in Ventura.

kayaking in Ventura.

it was love.

it was love.

June – Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe Mash-ups (Call Me Greyhound – Swedish House Mafia + Call Me Maybe v. 99 Problems)

June was officially summer. I kicked it off with a short trip to SD  with Jenn where I PR’d in the half-marathon (1:38:55), began my externship at the criminal courts building, did a little paddle boarding  (I still have a bruise on my hip),went to Dodger games, hiked, and spent a weekend in SF where Whitney, Kathleen, and I created the “cerveza cycle.”





my buddy/co-extern aaron and me.

my buddy/co-extern aaron and me.



...and drinking.

…and drinking.

July – Kirko Bangz “Drink in my Cup”

July started off with a bang with a Fourth of July 10k in the Palisades, followed up with a little rage-fest with my section budz. I also discovered electronic musician Sahy Uhns, celebrated my blog’s third birthday, and saw The Producers at The Hollywood Bowl.



sahy uhns.

sahy uhns.


August – Kanye West f/ Big Sean, Pusha T, and 2 Chainz “Mercy” 

In August, I saw The Hood Internet perform live, was inspired by various Olympic endeavors + caught up with friends from home, wrapped up my externship, went through On Campus Interviewing at Loyola, and traveled to Orange County with my mom for a few days where we saw Pageant of the Masters, paddle-boarded, and soaked up the sun. I also missed a one-night stint in Vegas due to a sudden onslaught of an illness, serving as a reminder that sometimes I need to listen to my body. I also celebrated Aviva’s birthday on the Sunset Strip and went back to school as a 2L.

The Hood Internet!

The Hood Internet!

paddle-boarding in Newport.

paddle-boarding in Newport.

September – Psy “Gangam Style”

In September, I ran my high school’s annual pancake breakfast race, hit up the SC/Cal game, and went to Monterey for my friend Angela’s wedding. I also started going to Trivia night at Barney’s Beanery in WeHO. When I wasn’t gallivanting around, I was busy with my course-load (Con Law, Law of Sales, Torts II, and Ethical Lawyering) as well as my extra-curricular activities of the Entertainment Law Review and the Wilhelm C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration team. #phew

OPXC alumni.

OPXC alumni.

in real life, we're friends.

in real life, we’re friends.

angela + adrian.

angela + adrian.

October – Adrian Lux “Teenage Crime” 

In October, I continued the trivia night tradition, played tourist in Hollywood, spent a weekend in San Francisco for the Nike Women’s 13.1, celebrated my friend Blake’s birthday in Manhattan Beach, and saw Adrian Lux perform live at the Exchange in DTLA. All in all, a fantastic month.



blake's b-day.

blake’s b-day.

we don't waste no precious time.

we don’t waste no precious time.

November – Zedd “Clarity” oh…and Morgan Page f/ Greg Laswell – Addicted 

I hit up another SC game (this time v. Oregon), saw Book of Mormon, and visited my parents at the newsroom of the Los Angeles Times on election night! I also ran two 5ks – the ‘Stache Dash in Costa Mesa with my roommate and her boyfriend, and the Conejo Valley Turkey Day Trot at Cal Lutheran University with my running buddy Hannes on Thanksgiving morning. I also enjoyed a long weekend at home for Thanksgiving that was punctuated by our annual “Blackout Wednesday” tradition.

jenn and me post-race.

jenn and me post-race.



happy Blackout Wednesday!

happy Blackout Wednesday!

December – I couldn’t pick just one: f/ Britney Spears “Scream & Shout” AND Bingo Players + Flo Rida “I Cry

I spent the overwhelming majority of December studying and taking finals. I finished on December 14th and then celebrated in Manhattan Beach. Celebrations continued with Loyola Bar Review, the Santa Monica Pub Crawl, and my friend’s Hawaiian Christmas party. My family and I spent Christmas Day in Las Vegas (#VegasChristmas) and the very last week of December has been soul(cycle)-filled.

christmas in the library.

christmas in the library.

loyola bar review.

loyola bar review.

SANTA Monica Pub Crawl.

SANTA Monica Pub Crawl.



I hope everyone has an exciting and fun NYE celebration and an even better jump-start to 2013! I’ll be posting my goals and resolutions for the new year tomorrow.

What was YOUR favorite song from 2012?

NWM 2012.

21 Oct

Hi friends and family…Surprise, surprise I’m way behind on blogging. This weekend was EPIC and calls for its own separate post, so until then I thought I’d recap the Nike Women’s Half Marathon I ran last Sunday in San Francisco.

The trip started out Friday afternoon when I high-tailed it out of DTLA for my parents’ house. I got a small shake-out run in my favorite local park (and being the idiot that I am, I forgot it had rained that afternoon so I fell down in a pile of mud in front of a few high schoolers, and looked like the swamp thing for the second half of my run). Whatever.

The next morning, my mom and I left the house to drive up to the Bay Area. My mom willingly volunteered to accompany me on this race – which was great because I didn’t make any effort to plan it until the week before. We hauled up the 5 and made stops at our regular places, and got to my aunt and uncle’s home in Oakland around 12:30. My uncle Casey then dropped me off in the city at my friend Michelle’s apartment. I decided to stay with her Saturday night because she was running the race as well, so it made things easy logistically.

We walked with our friend Adrienne to Union Square from Michelle’s  Pacific Heights apartment. It was GORGEOUS in SF  last weekend. 

The Expotique was a mess – we waited in line about 50 minutes to get inside, and it was so crowded in there we basically grabbed our bags and left. It was cool to see all the Nike gear, though and score some free samples.

That night, we had a low-key pasta feed with our friends Kathleen (who made INCREDIBLE brussel sprouts) and Kate. It’s always nice to see good friends, and it was relaxing to not have to go out to dinner. Michelle was a great host!

That night, we laid out all of our “race gear,” assembled playlists, and hit the hay early.

My alarm went off at 5:30. We had some coffee, half a Clif bar, and a banana, and headed out to collect Adrienne and head toward the start.

Last year, I ran 1:48:45 and DIED. I went out way too fast, walked a TON, and just hated my life starting at about mile 6. This year, my goal was to keep the first 3 miles SLOW (8:30s) and maintain that pace. I knew I had no chance of PRing on this course, but my goal was to run easy, maintain a steady pace, and not die on the hills.

Long story short? I met my goal and ended up with a course PR of 1:47:17. I ran into an old HS XC teammate (Melissa) during the first mile, and ran with her for a couple miles and we chatted. This really helped me not get overzealous and clock in a 6:40 first mile (ahem, last year). The fact that I knew where the hills were helped a lot, too, and I knew when to push myself and when to maintain. I took a gel at mile 10 which helped me get through the insanely boring last 3 miles as well.

At the end of the race, I grabbed my Tiffany Finisher’s necklace and waited for Adrienne and Michelle. My mom and Uncle were able to cheer for me at Mile 4 and again at the finish, and my uncle gave us all rides back, which was awesome.

love the necklace this year.

My mom and I spent the rest of the day relaxing in Oakland with my Aunt and Uncle. My aunt prepared two incredible frittatas and my uncle made delicious sourdough french toast. I took an ice bath – so necessary.

Later that day my uncle and I explored a couple of Oakland bars – Beer Revolution in Jack London Square and The Trappist in DT Oakland. That night, we had a quiet & delicious dinner at home before conking out early, yet again. My mom and  I woke up suuuuuper early monday morning to drive back. We got int the car at 5:25 and I was at school downtown by 12:30 – which was good because as I predicted, I got cold-called in Con Law. Not sure what I said, I was that incoherent.

All in all, it was a great trip and a fun race. Huge thanks to my aunt and uncle for being great hosts, and to Michelle as well (and for my mom for going with me/driving/indulging me in Starbucks every 3 hours).

Post-race, I felt very sore in my left hip and IT band but I have been listening to my body for once and have taken it VERY easy this week with minimal exercise – just yoga and swimming. I’ll try and add in some runs this week, but I don’t want to push it too soon.

Has anyone done a race recently? How did it go? 

cerveza cycle 2012.

29 Jun

As I mentioned in a previous post, last weekend Whitney and I road tripped up to SF for a short stint to see friends and check something off our summer bucket list.

When we were hatching our plans earlier in the week about SF, I tweeted at my friend (and former roommate senior year in my sorority house), Kathleen. She graciously invited us to stay with her last minute- and devised a brewpub tour of SF by bike, with help from a website called Pinchit (come to LA, Pinchit)!

We started off the morning by renting bikes at San Francisco Bicycle Rentals. The yelp reviews chided the owner for being unfriendly, but for $5/hour and a whole arsenal of bikes to choose from, I had no complaints. It was pretty funny when he dragged out my bike and then told Whitney he needed to get a smaller one for her. #bigpeopleproblems.

We took off through San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, heading to our first stop – Beach Chalet.

Biking through the park was fun and full of people walking, running, cycling, and basking in the sun. We even stumbled upon a pedal-powered (hippie) music fest.

hippies in the background.

We hit up our first stop – Beach Chalet – which had stunning views of Ocean Beach and was also precariously close to the finish line of the NWM 13.1 I did the last time I was in SF.

Ocean Beach.

We followed Pinchit’s recommendation and EACH ordered a small flight of the different Beach Chalet brews.

beer on beer on beer.

In order we have: the VFW Light, Presidio IPA, Riptide Red, Porter, Hef, and the Pale Ale. I particularly enjoyed the IPA (duh), the Porter, and the light and refreshing Hef. The views of the ocean weren’t hard to take in, either.


After we freaked out the entire restaurant with our mid-day booze-fest (it looked like more beer than it really was, I promise), we headed back to our bikes to Social Kitchen & Brewery, stop #2 on our “cerveza cycle.”

on the way.

Located in the Sunset, this place was quirky but good – and we also ordered food here as well.

one happy camper.

We each opted for the $6 flight again to get as much local flare as we could :).

Social Kitchen & Brewery’s brews.

beer me.

From left to right we have: SKB Pilsner, Beach House Blonde, Ramsgate Rye P.A., Irving St. P.A., The Smell I.P.A., and the Anniversary Brune.

Overall, we liked the beers a lot, but weren’t as impressed with the atmosphere as the other two places we stopped.

Our final stop was in the Haight at Magnolia Gastropub and Brewery. Loved the fun, local vibe at this place.

haters gonna haight.

By this time, we were all sort of tuckered out so we just went with one last beer before hanging out and eventually biking back to the starting point.

so many options…

I selected the “In With the New” IPA and was not let down.

Overall, we had a great time and biked about 8 miles and checked 3 new-to-me places off my beer list! I’d recommend doing something like this the next time you visit San Francisco, or really any bike friendly city! Thanks again to my friend Kathleen for planning this and executing it so seamlessly!

A note about bike safety: First, always wear a helmet. Also, I realize “BUIs” exist and combining biking and drinking is a serious issue. However, my friends and I were safe, drank moderately over 5 hours, took our time, and also imbibed a lot of water.

What’s your favorite way to explore a city?

a short stint in SF.

25 Jun

I promised I’d do a full re-cap of SF – and I will go into detail for sure. But first, I wanted to get out the nuts and bolts of my trip!

Whitney and I left (via car) on Friday at 3 pm. We hit some traffic getting out of LA (and when the 5 went down to one lane for a little while), but we got into SF a little after 10. We stayed with one of my best friends from college, Kathleen, in a gorgeous house with a few roommates.

Saturday morning we got up, downed some delicious Blue Bottle, and rented bikes. Kathleen took us on a cycling tour of 3 SF gastropubs – definitely a highlight of the trip. I will do a complete post later this week about our exact route…we named our event the “Cerveza Cycle.”

Other highlights from the trip included dinner with a big gaggle of some of my favorite AXO girls at Más Sake in the Marina, going out in the Marina at Kt’s and Eastside West, and relaxing in Chrissy Field. Whitney and I left around 3:30 on Sunday and made great time, until the 5 slowed us down with its down-to-one-lane nonsense.

All in all, it was a fantastic trip. I’m trying to get back to some healthier habits this week (hellooooo self-imposed detox, goodbye alcohol) and enjoy the LA sun!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the weekend…

whitney and me with some blue bottle.

biking through Golden Gate Park.

kathleen and whitney posing at ocean beach.


danger zone.

haters gonna haight.

kathleen, michelle, and adrienne quacking during sake bombs.

kathleen, me, and alia.

What. a. trip.

In other news – I have been following the Olympic Trials a little bit. I can’t believe there was a suggestion to solve the tie-for-third-place problem in the women’s 100 meter by a COIN TOSS. My fingers are crossed for Allyson Felix.

Also, LOVE Ashton Eaton. WHAT A BEAST.

Although this is a tangent, here are my workouts from last week:

  • Monday – 2 mi. run + NROLF 2A
  • Tuesday – 4 mi. run PM
  • Wednesday – 3 mi. run AM
  • Thursday – NROLFW 2B
  • Friday: 6 am Cycle!
  • Saturday (approx. 8 mile bike ride).
  • Sunday: OFF

And a little workout inspiration from my gym: