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13 May

Last weekend I was lucky to spend Saturday at the wedding of one of my best friends from high school, Kelsey, and her now husband, Drew!  It was a great weekend and I wanted to re-cap it on the blog.  You may have seen me hashtagging #Stappcoach on IG last weekend – and that was why.  Kelsey and Drew met at Stagecoach, and #Stappcoach is a play on that + Drew’s last name.

Kelsey and I ran cross-country and track “together” all four years of high school.  I say “together” because Kelsey was/is insanely fast.  I call her my “running idol” before and I mean it – she is and has always been a role model for me athletically!  I met Drew a couple of years ago and love both how genuine he is, but also how upbeat and silly he is.  Anyway, the wedding was held at the GORGEOUS Maravilla Gardens in Santa Rosa Valley (near Camarillo, CA).  My best friend Whitney and I were both rolling stag, so we shared a hotel room in Agoura Hills.  It was fun being on vacation in my hometown.

When we checked in, we were greeted with the cutest welcome back — filled with lots of fun treats and both Drew and Kelsey’s favorite cookies.


Whitney and I got ready and she did my hair.  Best friends are great for that, especially when you are completely inept at most girl things.  Our shuttle to the venue was a little bit delayed (#weddingseason) but it was fine because we made friend while we waited!  We met Kelsey’s childhood friends Katelyn and Megan and instantly clicked with them.  We knew the night was going to be good!

The wedding started shortly after we got to the venue and it was GORGEOUS.  Whitney and I both kept out sunglasses on because we knew there’d be tears.  The ceremony was light-hearted and fun (perfect for Kelsey and Drew), and the scenery was gorgeous.  I teared up a little bit but managed to keep the ugly tears at bay. #phew. Our friend Hayley was a bridesmaid and she was smiling up there the entire time.  Also, you can’t tell in this picture but Kelsey’s dress was awesome — it had STRIPES.


After the ceremony, we headed into cocktail hour time while the bridal party took photos.  I was STOKED to see they had a delicious IPA, and these awesome koozies.  Those two things + this view?  Amazing.


Whitney and I caught up with high school friends, cross country and track coaches, and hung out with our new friends from the shuttle!  I, of course, instagrammed but avoided any selfies.  You’re welcome.

Whitney and I didn’t intend on matching, (both of us had last-minute dress decision-making issues), but it worked out perfectly for photos!


The cocktail hour space was awesome — cool couches, fun pillows, and even a bride and groom rubber ducky hanging out in a fountain.


don’t mind my obnoxious laugh.

After a little bit, we moved over to where the reception was held.  The Father of the Bride’s speech made me tear up a little — I loved when her Dad, Tim, spoke about how when Kelsey is your friend she’s “your friend for life.”  I loved that sentiment and totally agreed.



Hayley, Kelsey, Whitney, Me, and Amy. (Why I don’t have a -y name is beyond me. Maybe I should go by Gilly?)

We spent the rest of the evening drinking and dancing — I LOVED the early 2000s pop numbers they played! And yes, everyone still knows the dance to “Bye Bye Bye.”


Katelyn, Me, Whitney, and Megan


Me, Hay, Whit.


Wedding Selfie!


WE ❤ Drew!

After the wedding, we shuttled back to Westlake Village/Agoura Hills for a little after-party action.  I said goodbye to Paleo for the wedding and the 11 pm pizza came in CLUTCH.  Hayley spent the night with us which was so fun.  The next morning,  there was a goodbye brunch which was a nice way to see everyone again a little more casually, and to get to say goodbye to everyone!

#Stappcoach was so much fun, and congratulations to Kelsey and Drew! ❤

ak and andrea’s wedding [chicago pt. I]

3 Aug

Oh hey, blog readers!  I realized I went AWOL for no reason this last month.  The good news is I’ve been busy and have lots of blog-worthy posts up my sleeve – so be on the look-out for posts in the near future about spinning, the end of my summer job, my favorite DTLA eats, among others.  One notable thing happened in my blog absence: That’s G turned 4!  I know this blog is pretty small, but I’ve really enjoyed writing it and sharing little glimpses into my (relatively boring) life with y’all. So thanks for hanging with me!

I figured the first post post-hiatus (if Grey’s Anatomy can take one, surely I can too, right? That’s how this works) should be about my recent trip to Chicago!

The purpose of the trip was to see my old friend A.K. (Andrew Kory) get married.  I have known AK for over 10 years.  We became friends freshman year of high school and have pretty much been friends since.  He’s one member of my motley crew of guy friends from high school (aka “my boys” or my “bruddahs”).  I distinctly remember grabbing coffee with AK in May of 2009 after my semester abroad in Barcelona.  I have always known him as AK and he gave his name to the barista as “Andrew.”  I scoffed and he said “I have a new girlfriend and she calls me Andrew, so that’s what I go by now.” That’s when I knew he meant business.

I got to know Andrea shortly after and we became friends as well — I admire her ability to hold her own in our rowdy group of crazies.  Going on three years ago AK and Andrea were my very first visitors when I lived in Madrid — a trip both they and I will always remember.

DSCN0790 DSCN0817 DSCN0796

Anyway, I love them and was so happy to see them tie the knot and travel to Chicago, where Andrea is from. I digress.  Back to Chicago.

I finished work on July 26 and after happy hour(s), I headed to my parents’ home so we could start the journey together.  My whole family was invited – my parents share some “trojan family” mumbo jumbo connection with AK and Andrea that I couldn’t begin to understand.  We set off early on Saturday the 27th and I ran into my friend Jeff and my friend Ryan’s parents, Pam and Brian, who were also headed to the wedding. Yay for an entourage!

That night, we headed to the rehearsal dinner in the Gold Coast region of Chicago at Lou Malnati’s – for some legendary deep dish.  Afterward, we all went out to a bar/lounge called Social 25.  We all had fun catching up and listening to the copious amount of Pitbull songs they played.  I noticed that the bars in Chicago were BIG – way more elbow room than in LA.  I guess the city’s nickname of the “city of big shoulders” has some truth to it. #endorse.

The next day was wedding Sunday!  I started the day off with a run through Millenium Park to Lake Michigan with my friend/fellow workout fiend Emily.  So glad she got me out of my laziness and moving!

standard bean running pic.

standard bean running pic.


After our run, my mom and I headed to get our hair done at Blow by Blow (totally recommend if you’re looking for a Drybar equivalent in Chicago).  We got ready and headed to the ballroom at the hotel, the Hyatt Regency Chicago, for the ceremony.

some of my friends groomsmen-ing.

some of my friends groomsmen-ing.


reception time w/ my brudahhhh Jeffrey.


We all had a lot of fun at the reception.  The band was the BEST wedding entertainment I’ve seen.  The Ken Alren band had a few singers, so they sang a bunch of current (and older) favorites — and sounded just like the real thing.  Here’s my insta video of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance.” OBSESSED.  I wish they were from LA so I could eventually hire them. But I guess I need to, you know, find a husband first.  Whatever.

We danced, ate, listened to our friend Ryan’s funny groomsman toast, and celebrated AK and Andrea.  More than anything, it was SO fun to have our group of (scattered) friends together for an entire weekend.  10 years ago I would have rolled my eyes and undoubtedly made some sort of derisive comment if you would have told me I’d still be friends with all of these guys — but now I realize I am BEYOND lucky to be the token girl in our group of friends.  I may have one bio-brother but I have more than a handful of others who are willing to make fun of me at just about every opportunity (but also offer the occasional compliment or words of “wisdom”).


Anyway, I’ll be back shortly with the rest of my trip in Chicago! My parents and I decided that since we’d never been there before, we’d extend the trip. I OD’d on delicious food, found a new-to-me regional IPA, checked an MLB stadium off the list, and found a new post-modern building to obsess over.  Pretty much all of the makings of a solid vacation!

Congrats Andrew/a (can that be a thing?)!! Hope you’re enjoying Maui!

bits and pieces.

19 Feb

So I’m pulling a SkinnyRunner and doing a “phone dump” today. I’ve been up to a lot of fun things since I last posted. My apologies for the randomness…but such is life.

Last weekend, some of my friends and I hiked Runyon Canyon. Cliché, I know, but it’s super convenient. I laughed out loud when my fav Bachelor Blog mentioned Runyon in a post today, stating that the Bachelor and his date went to “Runyon or somewhere else people that suck go to hike and take instagrams.”

After our hike, I was in a bottomless mimosa mood. Luckily, my buddy Witty took almost zero convincing. Our glasses were emptied 4 times.


The rest of that weekend was punctuated by moot court practice and live tweeting the heck out of the Grammys. I had so many thoughts, but now that more than a week has gone by, it feels sort of irrelevant to do a huge recap. But y’all should follow me on twitter for that reason. Here’s the run-down: Taylor Swift is worthless, Frank Ocean was robbed, but luckily fun. will most likely fall victim to the Sophomore Slump/One Hit Wonder curse that normally befalls ‘Best New Artist,” loved Rihanna’s “Stay” performance, and I still have no clue why LL Cool J hosted, or was even there.

Last week featured Evidence lectures, moot court (technically a moot arbitration, but let’s not get too fancy here), and externship stuff. This was waiting on my desk last Monday from the clerk’s daughter.


Last week was slightly frustrating at work – some of my issues were challenging and I felt like I kept making mistakes. I know it’s a learning experience, but it can still be frustrating. That continued a little bit today – but like any job, it can’t be fun and exciting every day.

This past Saturday, I headed back to my hometown to attend my friends’ A.K. and Andrea’s Engagement Party! I have been friends with A.K. since my freshman year of high school and have gotten to know Andrea pretty well in the last 3.5-4 years. My family and I are so excited for their wedding in Chicago and it was so fun to officially celebrate their engagement!

The Bride-to-Be and my mom dishing on dress details (they both have theirs picked out, haha)

The Bride-to-Be and my mom dishing on dress details (they both have theirs picked out, haha)

my Dad, the story teller.

my Dad, the story teller.

look at my handsome engaged friend!!!!

look at my handsome engaged friend!!!!

[Sorry A.K., I know I embarrass you. You’ve made it this far, so I’m confident you’ll get through it].

When we got home, we did a little family photo shoot, mostly to have proof that we all looked half-way presentable, all at the same time.




On another note, my skirt is from the new Prabal Gurung line at Target. Spotted that one day and had to go back the next to grab it.

On Sunday, I enjoyed a leisurely (and super healthy) brekkers (that’s slang for “breakfast”) with my parents and then made my way to school for a 3 hour moot practice with a guest arbitrator. This guy was INTENSE, but we needed it. A month from tomorrow I will be flying to Vienna with my teammates for the competition. Crazy.

Sunday night, my buddy Alex and I hit up Soul Cycle (aka my one true love). He had a free pass, and I am literally always down to go. The class was super empty – there were maybe 8 of us – but the instructor, Sal, was super high energy and we had a great time.

Soul Cycle has a great promotion right now, called SoulMATES. At the Santa Monica location, a rider can bring a first-time rider for free to any class for the rest of February. I have a #SoulDate on deck with Whitney for Thursday. Can’t wait.

Additionally, while Soul classes border on the “ridiculously expensive” level, you really do get what you pay for. The quality of the customer service, vibe, and classes themselves are all incredibly high. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do. I’ll even go with you, because I’m that into it.

The beginning of this week has been mellow. Last night I sipped a belated birthday present from one of my law school buddies (#Driscoll – yes the hash-tag is a thing) while I watched (and tweeted, duh) during the Bachelor. Not sure I’d recommend the beer/Bach combo, though, since it compelled me to visit the Bachelor Casting website.

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 8.49.44 PM

Loved this beer, though. Hoppy but not overwhelming (more like a Lagunitas than a Dogfish Head).

Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start!

a weekend in pdx.

7 Feb

At the end of January, my group of high school guy friends and I headed to Portland for our friend Jeff’s wedding. I’d been to Portland once before, in December 2005 for Nike Team Nationals for HS cross-country. I didn’t get to do much exploring then outside of the Nike campus, so I was stoked to explore PDX – and go to Jeff’s wedding, of course.

I flew from LAX on the Friday night with my buddy Bryan (we call him “Witty” which is  play on his last name…by no means an indication of his intellectual capacity). Witty is 8 months younger than me but already done with law school. So we kicked off the trip in true lawyer fashion.


On our first leg of the trip (we changed planes in San Jose…ick), we had the lovely fortune of sitting next to a legitimate crazy person. My FB status from the night says it all:

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 7.56.49 PM

We landed in PDX and got to the hotel where all of our friends were at. Portland has awesome public transportation – we took the “MAX” light rail train all the way to the Hilton downtown. We met up with our friends at bar called Departure at The Nines hotel. It was pretty swanky and had epic views, but as Witty loudly proclaimed in the elevator “this isn’t any different from LA…this bar just feels like it’s trying to be cool.”

view from Departure.

view from Departure.

The next morning, I knew I had to get a run in since I was slated to run a 13.1 the following weekend. I did an easy (and relatively slow) 6 miler along the Willamette River. I joked that I was channelling my inner SkinnyRunner (since she runs in Portland often). Here are some photos from my am run:

obsessed with this sign.

obsessed with this sign.


roses errywhere.

roses errywhere.

I headed back to the room I was sharing with 3 of my buddies (after a Starbucks pitstop) and quickly hustled to get ready. My friend Matt (“Matty/Matt-Dawg/The-Deeeawg”…i refuse to use that one) was adamant we get out of the hotel by 10 to explore the city and I was on board with that plan. First on the agenda was a coffee shop recommended to me by the mother of the groom, Carol. I am coffee obsessed and while I have really insane brand loyalty to Starbucks, I love checking out local places. (My all time fav cup of coffee is from Blue Bottle in SF).

Stumptown Coffee Roasters was equally edgy. It had a unique, hipster vibe. The coffee was sweeter/less bold than I’m used to, but really tasty. I did not hate it.  Of course I made all of boys pose for pictures. Gotta play the girl card when it works to my advantage.

Witty and RyRy.

Witty and RyRy.


IMG_2890Next on the agenda was VooDoo Doughnuts. Apparently this place is legendary – a few different people recommended it to me. Doughnuts are soooo not paleo, but whatever.

the voodoo dozen.

the voodoo dozen.

They were incredible.

Our friends also indulged Matt and my INTENSE obsession with The Real World by stopping by the house for the upcoming season. I know…I am ridiculous, but I have watched every season of the RW since Hawaii. Do the math…I was in 3rd or 4th grade.

The RW: Portland

The RW: Portland

Before we headed back to get ready, we had lunch at a local bar, Rogue Public House. They brew their own beers and had tonsssss of super hoppy ones on tap. #heaven.


Brutal IPA was impeccable. Also, I may have loudly admonished our table for choosing “Women’s Water” instead of beer. Embarrassing. (For them, not me). After lunch + beer we leisurely headed back to the hotel to get wedding-ready. We were right by the “Pioneer Courthouse” which is a 9th Circuit Courthouse. Witty and I were in law-nerd heaven, obviously.


Finally, we were ready for Jeff and Kate’s wedding! I’ve been friends with Jeff for 10+ years. He was on cross country with me and basically instantly made fun of me constantly. It’s crazy how long I’ve known these guys now…

the photo i wasn't allowed to be in.

my soul-cycle buddy and me.

my soul-cycle buddy and me.

The ceremony was at a cute little church – Grace Bible Church – and the ceremony was short, sweet, and very true to Jeff and Kate’s personalities. I absolutely loved when the officiant needled Jeff for kissing Kate on the forehead before he said to “kiss the bride.”




After the ceremony, we took cabs to the World Forestry Center for the reception. It was such a cool venue – and felt very “Oregon.” I loved the touch of their hot chocolate bar…


…A.K. and Witty liked it too…


We enjoyed the endless IPAs (and by “we” I mean Witty enjoyed them the most), dinner, and catching up with Jeff and Kate.


The toasts were great – Kate’s Dad literally had me dying with laughter with one anecdote. Apparently at Jeff’s Bachelor party, his groomsmen gave him a test of questions about Kate. One of the questions was “Who is Kate’s Celebrity Crush?” Kate put: Jeff Spiegel. Everyone laughed. Her Dad goes…”that’s not the funny part. The funny part is Jeff got the answer right.” CLASSIC Jeff.

We spent the rest of the night dancing, goofing off, and catching up with other guests…

AK and Andrea are next....

AK and Andrea are next….

prom photo, 2013 edition.

prom photo, 2013 edition.


father/daughter + mother/son dance.

father/daughter + mother/son dance.

The next morning we were all lazy and barely made it back to Los Angeles. I think Andrea said it best when she told Witty and me that we were both “goners.” We all had a blast at the wedding and LOVED getting to know Portland a little more.

We also got to see Jeff and Kate before they jetted off to Lisbon and Barcelona for their honeymoon. Rumor has it they had a fabulous time – but how could they not in the best city ever?

There were tons of hilarious and sweet moments from the weekend – if you’re reading this and were there – leave it in the comments. But remember, people’s parents read this.

blake and heather’s wedding.

12 Jan

Last Saturday, January 5th, I had the privilege of attending my friends’ Blake and Heather’s wedding in Huntington Beach, California. It was a fabulous event and beyond blog-worthy!

Blake is one of my best friends from law school. Over the course of the last year, my “law school posse” has become really close. I was so excited when Blake proposed to Heather over a year ago, and it was so fun to hear about the wedding plans over the course of the year. Heather also goes to law school with us, and I’ve also become friends  with her this semester, thanks in part due to our mutual…err…enjoyment of our Law of Sales class.

The law school posse and I headed down to Huntington Beach around noon, after various hair appointments were accomplished. The event was held at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach and the ceremony started around 3. The setting was gorgeous and I loved the flowers. After the ceremony, we all headed outside for a cocktail hour. It was fun catching up with a few of the other people I knew at the wedding!


Literally as this photo was taken, my right elbow knocked my phone and purse that I had rested on the ledge behind me into the plants below. Cool, Gillian. One drink in and you’re already a huge mess. Luckily, this gave Taylor an opportunity to do something manly, so he dug my phone out of the planter.


We chatted, took photos, took in the gorgeous views, and I posted on Instagram.



After a little while and a couple of drinks, we headed into the reception area. The center pieces were gorgeous. We chatted a little bit with the other Loyola kids at our table.


Before dinner, Heather and Blake surprised everyone by having the Trojan marching band perform! It was awesome and really amped everyone up. Even as a Cal Bear, I can say I really enjoyed this…but you won’t get a #FTFO meant non-ironically from me, ever. But I will say my parents’ dragging me to SC games when I was younger allowed me to be pretty familiar with all of the stuff they played. Well, except for the pop songs. I mastered those on my own.


Before dinner, we also all joined B + H on the dance floor for Rihanna’s “We Found Love.” During dinner, we also got to hear Heather’s Dad’s toast, which was incredibly funny. The Maid of Honor’s gave her toast, followed by Best Man, who is Blake’s brother, Ross, who also goes to school with us. It was the right combination of heartfelt and funny. Other traditional wedding festivities took place  – first dance, father/daughter and mother/son dance, bouquet and garter tosses, etc.


photo credit: aviva.

We stole Blake for a little to take a photo with him. It was really so fun being a part of their wedding and celebrating their marriage!


The rest of the night included photos, chatting with a bunch of Blake’s friends from his fraternity, and general revelry. At one point, Armita and I had a 45 minute conversation with one of the bridesmaid’s dads about why his older daughters are having trouble finding husbands. We reassured them that it’s okay that he raised them to be “too independent.” I love weddings.


I refused to dance until I heard “my” sort of music. Give me a little bit of house and #gameover. At one point, when I heard Kanye and Jay-Z’s “Paris” I obviously ran to the dance floor. Some things never change.


The next morning, Armita and I got up earlllllly and grabbed breakfast at the little coffee shop/grocery store on site, the Surf City Grocers. The women working there were unbelievably friendly and upbeat – I’d go back just for their service!


We spent about 90 minutes walking around HB and soaking in the views, and of course, re-capping the night.


We headed back to LA around 9:30 and I spent the rest of the day getting ready to start my externship (more on that later).

Heather and Blake’s wedding was so much fun and I am so happy for them! This one will be hard to top 🙂

2012 remixed.

31 Dec

If you haven’t been able to tell by reading this blog, I love traditions. One thing I have done on this blog for awhile now is to recap my year via songs. [Check out 2010 and 2011 here!] I love music and I think it’s a great way to reminisce on the past year – plus I like re-reading these posts to remember everything that happened in that year! Before you check out my 2012 song selections, you should listen to DJ Earworm’s 2012 mash-up. Here’s mine:

January – Calvin Harris Feel So Close

I picked this song because it reminds me of the best winter break ever – where I checked out a ton of new restaurants, went on a bunch of LA hikes, went out, and explored LA. In January I also started second semester and reunited with some of my favorite AXOs,  celebrated my birthday with a dinner + drinks, and ran a half-marathon with one of my best law school friends, Blake, at the Rose Bowl, and battled running injuries off and on.

loving LA.

loving LA.

i'm not that old but i'm not that young.

i’m not that old but i’m not that young.

February  – Big Sean f/ Nicki Minaj – Dance

In February, I met my first real blog friend in person (Katherine of Left Coast Contessa). I also became re-obsessed with spin (indoor cycling) after almost a YEAR away and spent more time in the gym. Other than that, February was a pretty low-key month. I was briefly obsessed with this song due to the part when Nicki Minaj says “Islands of Waikikiiiiiiiiii.” I annoyed everyone repeating that for a few weeks.

view from my gym's parking lot.

view from my gym’s parking lot.

March – Flo Rida f/ Sia – Wild Ones

In March, I took a torts midterm, headed to Palm Springs with Whitney, Matt, and Jenn, and was able to fight off a knee injury to run three miles with my Dad during his marathon. During March I also went to my first Kings game, headed home to celebrate my brother’s 21st birthday, and studied a good amount.


palm springs bound.

palm springs bound.

April – Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know (FatRat remix)

April was a pretty intense school month – I had a lot of assignments due and geared up for finals. I had a beach day with my law school bests, went to a couple of comedy shows, had an oral argument, and lived vicariously through my parents’ trip to Vegas. I also did the She Runs LA 10k, tried Pure Barre, and did  The Color Run with my friend Riley. At the end of the month I went to a  Bruce Springsteen concert!

blake, armita, me, and taylor all pretending we like each other. (aviva was our photographer.)

blake, armita, me, and taylor all pretending we like each other. (aviva was our photographer.)

post she runs la 10k.

post she runs la 10k.

post color run.

post color run.

baby we were born to run.

baby we were born to run.

May – The Naked & Famous – Young Blood (Tiësto & Hardwell Remix)

Like any month where finals occur, the majority of it is spent studying. I spent the first 2+ weeks studying for and taking my finals, punctuated by small study breaks with my law school budz – like the time we celebrated Cinco Day Drinko instead of studying for Torts. In May I officially FINISHED 1L buttttt then immediately spent a week on the write-on competition to join a law review or a journal.  I finally kick-started summer with kayaking with my mom, a hike with Taylor, and some solid vedge-time. I also discovered my love for SoulCycle in May.

Cinco Day Drinko

Cinco Day Drinko

law school bests celebrating the end of the year.

law school bests celebrating the end of the year.

kayaking in Ventura.

kayaking in Ventura.

it was love.

it was love.

June – Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe Mash-ups (Call Me Greyhound – Swedish House Mafia + Call Me Maybe v. 99 Problems)

June was officially summer. I kicked it off with a short trip to SD  with Jenn where I PR’d in the half-marathon (1:38:55), began my externship at the criminal courts building, did a little paddle boarding  (I still have a bruise on my hip),went to Dodger games, hiked, and spent a weekend in SF where Whitney, Kathleen, and I created the “cerveza cycle.”





my buddy/co-extern aaron and me.

my buddy/co-extern aaron and me.



...and drinking.

…and drinking.

July – Kirko Bangz “Drink in my Cup”

July started off with a bang with a Fourth of July 10k in the Palisades, followed up with a little rage-fest with my section budz. I also discovered electronic musician Sahy Uhns, celebrated my blog’s third birthday, and saw The Producers at The Hollywood Bowl.



sahy uhns.

sahy uhns.


August – Kanye West f/ Big Sean, Pusha T, and 2 Chainz “Mercy” 

In August, I saw The Hood Internet perform live, was inspired by various Olympic endeavors + caught up with friends from home, wrapped up my externship, went through On Campus Interviewing at Loyola, and traveled to Orange County with my mom for a few days where we saw Pageant of the Masters, paddle-boarded, and soaked up the sun. I also missed a one-night stint in Vegas due to a sudden onslaught of an illness, serving as a reminder that sometimes I need to listen to my body. I also celebrated Aviva’s birthday on the Sunset Strip and went back to school as a 2L.

The Hood Internet!

The Hood Internet!

paddle-boarding in Newport.

paddle-boarding in Newport.

September – Psy “Gangam Style”

In September, I ran my high school’s annual pancake breakfast race, hit up the SC/Cal game, and went to Monterey for my friend Angela’s wedding. I also started going to Trivia night at Barney’s Beanery in WeHO. When I wasn’t gallivanting around, I was busy with my course-load (Con Law, Law of Sales, Torts II, and Ethical Lawyering) as well as my extra-curricular activities of the Entertainment Law Review and the Wilhelm C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration team. #phew

OPXC alumni.

OPXC alumni.

in real life, we're friends.

in real life, we’re friends.

angela + adrian.

angela + adrian.

October – Adrian Lux “Teenage Crime” 

In October, I continued the trivia night tradition, played tourist in Hollywood, spent a weekend in San Francisco for the Nike Women’s 13.1, celebrated my friend Blake’s birthday in Manhattan Beach, and saw Adrian Lux perform live at the Exchange in DTLA. All in all, a fantastic month.



blake's b-day.

blake’s b-day.

we don't waste no precious time.

we don’t waste no precious time.

November – Zedd “Clarity” oh…and Morgan Page f/ Greg Laswell – Addicted 

I hit up another SC game (this time v. Oregon), saw Book of Mormon, and visited my parents at the newsroom of the Los Angeles Times on election night! I also ran two 5ks – the ‘Stache Dash in Costa Mesa with my roommate and her boyfriend, and the Conejo Valley Turkey Day Trot at Cal Lutheran University with my running buddy Hannes on Thanksgiving morning. I also enjoyed a long weekend at home for Thanksgiving that was punctuated by our annual “Blackout Wednesday” tradition.

jenn and me post-race.

jenn and me post-race.



happy Blackout Wednesday!

happy Blackout Wednesday!

December – I couldn’t pick just one: f/ Britney Spears “Scream & Shout” AND Bingo Players + Flo Rida “I Cry

I spent the overwhelming majority of December studying and taking finals. I finished on December 14th and then celebrated in Manhattan Beach. Celebrations continued with Loyola Bar Review, the Santa Monica Pub Crawl, and my friend’s Hawaiian Christmas party. My family and I spent Christmas Day in Las Vegas (#VegasChristmas) and the very last week of December has been soul(cycle)-filled.

christmas in the library.

christmas in the library.

loyola bar review.

loyola bar review.

SANTA Monica Pub Crawl.

SANTA Monica Pub Crawl.



I hope everyone has an exciting and fun NYE celebration and an even better jump-start to 2013! I’ll be posting my goals and resolutions for the new year tomorrow.

What was YOUR favorite song from 2012?

angela & adrian tie the knot.

6 Oct

Last Saturday, September 29, I had the privilege of attending my friend Angela’s wedding in Monterey, California at the Memory Garden at Custom House Plaza. It was a really sweet ceremony and I have never seen Angela look more stunning or happy.

Angela and I became friends when we were 14 and freshman in high school, both running cross country and track for our high school. I was slow freshman year, but eventually got a little faster and Angela and I started training together. 6 days a week, 11 months a year basically we would run together (and often race against each other). We were very close in speed – our senior year, when our team went to Nationals – Angela was #7 and I was #8. Our coach even combined our names to be “GonzoClow” a few times, which always confused us. It is hard to describe the type of bond our team had and the memories that come along with it. By the time high school was over, I had felt like Angela and I had been roommates based on the number of times we’d shared hotel rooms for overnight meets.

Angela and I also both ended up at Cal for college, and happened to live in the same dorm, one floor apart. We branched out in college and did our own things, but always had that strong cross country bond. Our junior year, Angela joined my sorority, adding another layer to our friendship.

It is crazy that it has been 10 years since our first trail runs at Juan de Anza or our first trip to Clovis – and thinking about all of these memories made the weekend that much more meaningful to me personally.

But enough about me…

I drove up to Monterey with Melody, another girl from my sorority, and Angela’s cousin, Steven who we picked up in Thousand Oaks. We made it to Monterey in the early evening after just a couple of stops along the 101. I had never been to Monterey before (my parents and Uncle may be able to correct me on this – but if we ever went, it was in my pre-crazy memory was fully formed), so I was excited to check out the city the following day.

At 6:30 am on Saturday morning, I met Angela at the hotel she was staying at with her bridesmaids for a 4-mile run. She had written on my Facebook wall a few days earlier asking if I’d be down. OBVIOUSLY I was down! Running with my friend/teammate on her wedding day? This is the stuff coaches make up to encourages their athletes to bond – but nope, this was real life. I got to hear all about the wedding plans, Angela’s job, etc. as we covered 4 relaxed miles through Monterey.

I caffeinated and then rejoined Melody (who I was sharing a hotel room with) for a walk around Monterey and then some down-time before the wedding.

We got ready and headed to the venue. I was able to spot the bride + bridesmaids before things got going and nabbed a few photos.

I love her dress.

We headed in to the Memory Garden and I chit-chatted with a few old friends – both from high school and my sorority.

high school: stephanie, heather, me, and lindsay (yes, they’re triplets)

melody, me, and steph [AXO].

We sat down shortly after. I was the FIRST PERSON to start crying. I don’t mean pretty tears, I mean full on crying. I lost it as soon as Angela started walking down the aisle, with both her Dad and her Stepdad. After the ceremony, Adrian told me he couldn’t look at me because he would lose it – and the photographer at one point turned around and took a photo my teary-face. COOL. My personality’s weird disjointed-ness weirds me out sometimes.

The Officiant was great – she was light-hearted but earnest. I love that she explained how Angela and Adrian met (at Ruby Skye nightclub in San Francisco) and that she shared a few details of how their relationship began. The other sweet moment during the ceremony was the poem shared by Adrian’s grandmother. After the traditional vows, Angela and Adrian became Mr. and Mrs. Gralin! (and I finally stopped crying).

Afterwards, we all congratulated the bride and groom, and chatted with the bridesmaids and other guests. I loved the taco bar they did and (of course) all of the beer.


taco bar!

A little later, we all sat down for a delicious buffet-style dinner and to hear the toasts.

Next up? The dancing. The couple’s first dance was sweet, and then everyone got into it. The DJ played some current classics – and even appeased my obnoxious request of PSY’s Gangnam Style (although he had to purchase it from iTunes upon request…tsk tsk).

After a little dancing, it was cake time.

We enjoyed the rest of the night and were there to see Angela and Adrian head out. It was a really memorable evening and I am so honored to have been able to have been part of it. Congrats again, Angela and Adrian!

The next morning, I grabbed Starbucks and Melody and I trekked back to LA. After a brief stop by a SLO Police Officer for speeding (no ticket!) we made it back to LA – full from the Chipotle in our bellies and exhausted from the excitement and happiness pervading the weekend.